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Making the Choice: Group or Private Guitar Lessons

Comparison of group and private guitar lessons When it comes to guitar lessons for kids, parents and students have the option of choosing between group classes or private lessons. Both have benefits and drawbacks, and the choice ultimately depends on the individual’s learning style and goals. Group guitar classes After-school group classes, also known as […]

After-School Guitar Lessons with Rock Dojo Rocks

Registration is now open for Rock Dojo’s award-winning after-school guitar lessons at Abernethy, Alameda, Beverly Cleary, Laurelhurst, and Irvington Schools. Reserve your spot today! What will my child learn during Rock Dojo after-school guitar lessons? The Rock Dojo offers award-winning after-school guitar lessons for elementary school students in Portland, OR. Over eight weeks, your child will learn the […]

Rock Dojo After-School Guitar Portland

Looking for a great after-school program for your kids in Portland, OR? Look no further than Rock Dojo. Rock Dojo’s award-winning rock guitar program for elementary school students is back and better than ever for Portland kids. Why Choose Rock Dojo After-School? Our mission is to provide every elementary school student in the Greater Portland Metro with an opportunity […]

Best Guitar After-School 2022 Portland Oregon

Rock Dojo Guitar After-School is Back! Back to school is coming, and many parents are searching for the best after-school experience in Portland, Oregon. Rock Dojo is an award-winning guitar program born in Portland, Oregon. Since 2014, Brian has developed the most innovative and engaging music learning experience for elementary school children. Rock Dojo is […]

Is Guitar After-School Good?

Attending an after-school guitar program can improve your child’s academic performance, develop social skills, and boost creative thinking. Rock Dojo guitar after school is an award-winning program designed to engage elementary school children with the challenges and rewards of learning to play guitar. So why is Rock Dojo after-school good, and why is learning guitar […]

Guitar Lessons Help Kids Overcome Challenges

The Rock Dojo Helps Students Pursue The Art Of Rock N’ Roll  Does your kid want to pursue learning the guitar? At Rock Dojo, they can learn under the guitar-sensei himself! The Rock Dojo team is dedicated to helping our students train hard so that they can one day earn their black belts in guitar playing.  Playing […]

Summer Of Rock With Rock Dojo

Summer Classes Have Never Been Cooler With Rock Dojo  Summertime is here at long last – a time of freedom and exploration for many young kids. Would you believe us if we said one of the most fun ways for your child to spend their summer just might be with summer classes? It’s true!  Rock Dojo Is Opening Summer […]

Guitar Lessons For Kids: Their First Riff

Your Child Can Learn Guitar From The Safety Of Your Home  What if your child could pick up a new skill that would allow them to unleash their creativity from the safety of your home? With free online guitar lessons from Rock Dojo, they can! Now is the perfect time to get your child started on an online guitar lesson […]