The Guitar Sensei and his after-school guitar student.

After-School Guitar Lessons with Rock Dojo Rocks

The Guitar Sensei and his after-school guitar student.

Registration is now open for Rock Dojo’s award-winning after-school guitar lessons at Abernethy, Alameda, Beverly Cleary, Laurelhurst, and Irvington Schools. Reserve your spot today!

What will my child learn during Rock Dojo after-school guitar lessons?

The Rock Dojo offers award-winning after-school guitar lessons for elementary school students in Portland, OR. Over eight weeks, your child will learn the fundamentals of playing rock guitar, including open power chords, movable power chords, open chords, pentatonic scales, and more! Your child will have a handful of songs and riffs they can perform for their classmates, families, and friends by the end of the class.

What are the benefits of learning to play the guitar at Rock Dojo?

  • Recognized Industry Experts: Sophie and I are both graduates of Berklee College of Music, one of the best music colleges in the world.
  • Level Up As Your Child Learn’s the Guitar: Rock Dojo’s proprietary teaching system makes learning to play the guitar fun. Your child earns colored wristbands and certificates of completion every time they complete one of Rock Dojo’s five online courses.
  • World-Class Learning Tools: I interviewed some of the most successful guitar teachers and music instructors before creating the curriculum for the online course. Then, I hired the best video production team in Portland to film and edited it. The E-courses work. You’ll receive one free course (a $59 value) every time you register for Rock Dojo after-school.
  • Creativity: When your child studies guitar with Rock Dojo, they learn how to approach the guitar like an artist. That’s because I see the guitar as a creative tool and teach students to use fundamental musical concepts to create their original music. Because that’s what art is all about: creative expression.
  • FUN: While the guitar is a serious musical instrument, learning it should be fun. That’s why Sophie and I mix creative exercises, educational games, and good old-fashioned humor into our after-school classes.

FREE Introductory Guitar Course for Kids

Now is the perfect time to get your free introductory guitar course for kids delivered straight to your inbox. Throughout three lessons, your child will learn how to hold the guitar, read the guitar tab, play cool riffs, and rock open power chords. It’s free, and you can cancel at any time. Sign up now!