Top 5 Reasons to Re-Register for Rock Dojo After-School

5 Reasons to re-register for Rock Dojo after-school

My Child Just Finished Rock Dojo After-School, Now What?

Your child just finished Rock Dojo after-school. Now, what do you do? That’s a great question, and I get asked it all time. The answer is

another quarter of Rock Dojo after-school. Here are the top five reasons parents should re-register their children for Rock Dojo after-school.

Top 5 Reasons to Re-Register for Rock Dojo After-School Guitar for Kids

  1. Momentum is the single biggest lever for learning to play the guitar. After eight weeks, students have tasted some success playing the guitar. That’s when the fun begins. If you stop after one after-school session, you’re also losing all the momentum your child has built over the past eight weeks.
  2. From single-string riffs to cowboy chords, from open power chords to movable power chords, students get introduced to many musical concepts over eight weeks. Guitarists can spend years digging into each one of these concepts. A second—and even third or fourth—term of Rock Dojo after-school is a great way to master those concepts.
  3. The online courses are a great way to supplement Rock Dojo after-school. Each student receives one free online course every time they register for Rock Dojo after-school (a $59 value.) There are five courses in total. Each level covers new concepts, songs, and techniques. 
  4. Learning how to play the guitar is a great way to build social skills, develop friendships, and learn how to collaborate. Students work together during the Rock Dojo after-school classes to overcome complex musical challenges. In addition, students collaborate to create original songs with guitar and lyrics in class.
  5. Rock Dojo after-school is a serious rock guitar program for kids in Portland, OR, but it’s also seriously fun! That’s because instructors, Brian & Sophie Parham, strive to make learning fun and accessible for kids with various activities, including games, group songwriting, and team projects.

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Rock Dojo’s award-winning program teaches students fundamental musical literacy skills and guitar techniques. Students learn how to play classic guitar riffs, open chords, power chords, and so much more during the Rock Dojo after-school rock guitar lessons for kids in Portland, OR. Register today!

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