Online Guitar lessons for kids with Rock Dojo

Summer Of Rock With Rock Dojo

Online Guitar lessons for kids with Rock Dojo

Summer Classes Have Never Been Cooler With Rock Dojo 

Summertime is here at long last – a time of freedom and exploration for many young kids. Would you believe us if we said one of the most fun ways for your child to spend their summer just might be with summer classes? It’s true! 

Rock Dojo Is Opening Summer Classes Soon 

Of course, Rock Dojo’s summer classes aren’t like just any summer class. These are classes that teach your child how to harness the power of rock! Can summer classes get any cooler than that? We know that some of our students are so dedicated to the path of rock that they don’t want to put their guitar lessons on hold for the summer season. These classes are perfect for the most dedicated and focused of rock n’ roll students.  

When Do Rock Dojo’s Summer Courses Start? 

The Rock Dojo summer course starts June 18th – which is sooner than you may think! Don’t wait to sign up for Rock Dojo summer lessons

What Can I Expect From Rock Dojo’s Summer Lessons? 

Here’s a basic rundown of what parents and Rock Dojo students can expect from our guitar summer lessons: 

  • A mixed-level group of students 
  • Fast-paced lessons designed as an accelerator program 
  • 8 classes total, 50 minutes each 
  • Classes meet every week 

We Look Forward To Spending A Summer Of Rock With Our Students! 

Rock Dojo is dedicated to helping our students earn black-belt level skills in playing the guitar, and we’re looking forward to spending a summer with students who are passionate about playing guitar. Sign up for summer lessons today! 

Sign Your Kids Up For Online Guitar Lessons 

The Rock Dojo is an award-winning guitar program for kids in Portland, OR. Online guitar lessons are the safest and most effective method for learning to play the guitar during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can register your kid now for our online group guitar classes for kids and private guitar lessons for kids

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