Author: Brian Parham

Why Is Music Important? Interview with Angus Clark

Why does music education matter? I think about that question a lot. That’s because I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of rock guitar. Indeed, I see kids learning lifelong transferable skills like goal-setting, self-discipline, and creative expression as they learn to play the guitar. When COVID-19 hit, I decided to broaden my perspective on the […]

Why Is Music Important? Interview with Matt Bennick

Why is music important? We think about that question a lot at Rock Dojo. That’s because music classes are often the first programs cut when public schools make funding cuts. For that reason, I put together a series of interviews with leading music educators, musicians, and artists to talk about the benefits of music education. […]

Why Is Music Important? Interview with Dave Celentano

Why is music important? I sat down with a world-class guitarist and music educator, Dave Celentano, to answer precisely that question. During the course of this interview, Dave outlines his philosophy on music education, provides parents with tips for creating music-rich environments and shares his first musical memories. About Dave Celentano Dave is the author […]