Author: Brian Parham

Guitar Lessons for Kids: Building Community

Centered in Portland, OR, and extending globally through online education, Rock Dojo brings guitar lessons for kids to schools and homes, igniting a passion for music in aspiring young musicians everywhere. Our unique blend of engaging in-person and self-paced online guitar lessons has turned Rock Dojo into a global platform. We are committed to nurturing […]

Top Five Mistakes Guitar Beginners Make

Are you a beginner who’s eager to rock out on the guitar? While embarking on this musical journey is exciting, it’s essential to be aware of some common mistakes many guitar beginners make. By avoiding these blunders and focusing on your progress, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a skilled guitarist! Let’s dive […]

Choose the Right Rock Dojo for Your Child

Finding the right guitar program for your child can be daunting, but Rock Dojo offers an award-winning experience tailored specifically for young rockers. With its unique martial arts-inspired belt system and a comprehensive curriculum, Rock Dojo provides kids aged 6-12 with an exciting and effective way to learn and master the guitar. In this article, […]

Rock Dojo Live Concerts for Kids in Portland

Portland’s Rock Dojo Live Concerts: Elevating Music Education Rock Dojo, based in Portland, OR, offers exciting live concerts that merge music and education. Our events, held at libraries, school events, community centers, and even birthday parties, spark a love for music and live performance among children in the Portland area. These experiences have transformed young […]

Unlocking Guitar: Rock Dojo’s Unique Belt System

Rock Dojo offers a comprehensive guitar curriculum for aspiring musicians of all levels. The unique belt system allows students to progress from white to black belt, mastering the essential skills of guitar playing. White Belt Course: Building a Solid Foundation In the White Belt course, students embark on their guitar journey and learn the basics […]

Boost Academic Performance With Music Education

Music education has long been known to positively impact children’s cognitive, emotional, and academic development. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing disruptions in education, many students have experienced learning loss, affecting their academic performance and overall well-being. However, studies have shown that music education can still support students’ development, especially in the post-pandemic world. 1. Music […]

Rock Dojo White Belt: Evan’s Success Story

We are excited to celebrate the exceptional achievement of 9-year-old Evan, who earned his Rock Dojo White Belt by completing the online course at home. This accomplishment demonstrates Evan’s commitment to going above and beyond the requirements for the after-school program. Now in his third term, Evan’s passion, hard work, and dedication to learning the […]

6 Fun Guitar Practice Techniques for Kids

It’s no secret that practicing any instrument requires dedication, discipline, and repetition. Maintaining their interest and motivation can sometimes be challenging for young learners. That’s why making practice fun and engaging is crucial to helping kids develop a lifelong love for playing the guitar. This blog post will explore six engaging guitar practice techniques to […]

Rock Dojo Student Success Story: Eva

Today, we’re excited to share the remarkable journey of Eva, a 9-year-old Rock Dojo student who has earned both her White Belt and Yellow Belt! Eva’s passion, dedication, and achievements make her an inspiration for other young aspiring musicians. Rock Dojo Student Eva’s Success Story: White Belt and Beyond Please join me in congratulating Eva […]

Rock Dojo Educational Concerts Help Raise $64K

Discover the Power of Educational Concerts: Book Rock Dojo for Your Next School Fundraising Event! Elevate your school’s next fundraising event with Rock Dojo’s educational concerts for kids. Experience the excitement, energy, and community-building benefits that have helped schools like Abernethy Elementary raise $64,000 during their annual Fun(d) Run and Tour de Ladd. Contact us […]