ock Dojo instructor teaching after-school guitar lessons to a group of attentive students.
ock Dojo instructor teaching after-school guitar lessons to a group of attentive students.

Unleash Your Child’s Inner Rock Ninja with Rock Dojo’s After-School Guitar Lessons

Discover Rock Dojo’s award-winning after-school rock guitar program in Portland, OR, where students master musical literacy, essential guitar techniques, and iconic riffs. During after-school guitar lessons, young rockers learn timeless kids’ melodies, must-know scales, group ensemble songs, and classic rock riffs to dazzle family and friends with their newfound skills. The comprehensive package includes an e-course, a student handbook, and a certificate of completion to celebrate their achievement.

Real Reviews from Rock Ninja Families

Discover genuine testimonials from families who’ve experienced the benefits of our after-school guitar lessons. Unleash your child’s potential in the exciting world of guitar playing with Rock Dojo today!

April Panowicz
April Panowicz
My kids have never learned any type of musical instrument and they are LOVING Rock Dojo. They came home after their second lesson playing "Brain Stew" by Green Day which my husband and I loved. It was amazing! The lessons move quickly (which is impressive given that kids are challenging to wrangle without a musical instrument in their hands) which keeps them engaged, and I find them hanging out in their rooms strumming and practicing on their own without me pushing. We're big fans, and are moving into our third (8 week) session of once-a week after school lessons with Brian/Rock Dojo. Rock Dojo has some inexpensive rental guitars available and are happy to work with you on that, but we found that the kids really wanted to practice/play on their own between sessions, so we made the investment in their own guitars (you can find pretty inexpensively second hand, and Brian was happy to provide resources/advice on that, too.)
Mariah Kiersey
Mariah Kiersey
My daughter has loved these classes! The teachers a great with kids, very encouraging and make it fun to learn!
Silvia Gozzini
Silvia Gozzini
My kids LOVED the first term and are looking forward to the next term! Brian got our kids to be so excited about guitars, our 8yo asked for an amp for xmass and has been rocking it!
Travis Young
Travis Young
Brian and RockDojo are amazing! I met Brian and Sophie at our elementary school through a class my son attends. I’d tried teaching guitar to my 9 yr-old son for a few years and it never really seemed to click, but once he started playing with RockDojo he got really motivated. A lot of that has to do with Brian’s energy, but also the curriculum and the way it’s structured. He starts out by giving the kids riffs that are easy to learn with one finger on one string and that are well known, like TNT, Iron Man, 7 Nation Army, etc., and once they get those down he moves to open string bar chord songs like Louie Louie and Wild Thing. My son has been in the class 3 weeks and he’s now figured out that all the one-string songs are a lot easier to play if he plays with all his fingers. His progress is nothing short of amazing and I’m sure once the bar chord thing kicks-in, he’s going to really start shredding. Brian has really put a lot of thought into the progression of his students. He doesn’t skip over theory and rhythm or notation and tablature, and has great warm-up exercises and resources in his material, and the ability for the kids to earn belts toward a black belt is genius. It gives the kids real goals to attain. And that’s not all. RockDojo does live events. I was hosting a big fundraiser at our school and was looking for some musical talent to bring to it. The event was a Fun Run, so I wanted something really energetic to get kids motivated as they ran laps around the school. I talked to Brian and he talked to a friend, and they showed-up and played the event as a singer and guitar player. He had a whole set that worked perfectly with the event and they played three sets over the course of 3 hours. It was nothing short of epic. The kids, parents and teachers loved it! It was totally Metal and at the same time appropriate for an elementary school audience. The songs are high-energy, fun and funny. They totally rocked it! I’m already planning on inviting Brian to my next big fundraiser in the Spring. You seriously can’t go wrong with RockDojo at an event. 100% recommend!
Diwakar Maharjan
Diwakar Maharjan
Great teacher, great personalty awesome with the kids. You don't want to miss taking classes from him. He played guitar at my US World class Taekwondo Hollywood school few times and everyone loves him. GO Rock Dojo.
Ian Guerry
Ian Guerry
Such a great program. Brian is a wonderful teacher, the methods are easily accessible, the online tools are helpful and the kids loved the class
Richard Martin
Richard Martin
Great operation, my daughter had a blast and learned a lot.
Charee Filimoehala
Charee Filimoehala
My nine year old is loving his after-school lessons with the Rock Dojo program. He is excited to show us what he had learned on the guitar at the end of each session and is gaining a wider appreciation for music. Thanks Brian!
Kathleen Dixon
Kathleen Dixon
I bought these lessons for my grandson who lives in Colorado. He thought the lessons were awesome and would totally recommend this to all his guitar buddies!
Jay Nalbach
Jay Nalbach
I decided to attend my son's classes with Brian right from the start (we've done 4 classes so far) and I was amazed at the level of detail, insight but most of all, FUN that the Rock Dojo provides. I played a bunch of instruments as a kid from 3-11 grade, and I really liked getting awesome refreshers of music through the lens of the guitar. Be warned however, following your first attendance with your little person, you may end up buying a tidy collection of amps, guitars, basses and pedals. It's massively addictive and tons of fun to understand the process and watch the kids grow as they pick up techniques, read music and start playing riffs of some of the best music out there.

Student Success Stories

Meet Darwin, a remarkable 16-year-old guitar virtuoso who began his journey as a novice in our after-school guitar program and eventually attained a black belt in rock guitar with the help of our online course. Discover his story here.

Explore the story of Reid, an impressive ten-year-old who attained his yellow belt in rock guitar and scored straight A’s on his report card. Delve into his journey here.

Presenting Iris, an inspiring eleven-year-old student who achieved her yellow belt in rock guitar, boosting her confidence and improving her social skills. Give your child the same opportunity – sign up now for our after-school program!

Secure Your Child’s Spot in Rock Dojo’s After-School Guitar Lessons Schedule

Enroll your child in our exceptional after-school guitar program, tailored for busy family schedules. Browse time slots and locations to find the perfect match for your young rocker. Sign up now and watch your child grow as they acquire new skills and boost their confidence.

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Enthusiastic students with electric guitar focused on music sheet during after-school guitar lessons.

Program Benefits: Experience the Unique Advantages of Rock Dojo After-School Guitar Lessons

Rock Dojo’s after-school guitar program combines enjoyable, interactive lessons with a well-structured curriculum. Students will:

  • Develop critical musical skills through a step-by-step approach tailored for kids.
  • Gain confidence and discipline as they progress through the belt system, working towards a Black Belt in Rock.
  • Explore various musical styles and techniques, nurturing their creativity and versatility as musicians.
  • Enhance social and collaborative skills by participating in group ensemble activities and performances.
  • Receive personalized feedback and support from experienced guitar instructors committed to their success.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Rock Dojo’s after-school guitar lessons, where fun meets skill development and passion transforms into mastery.

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Meet the Rock Dojo Senseis: A Dynamic Husband-and-Wife Team

Sophie and Brian Parham, a talented husband-and-wife duo, are the passionate co-founders of Rock Dojo. United by their love for rock guitar, they bring extensive musical education and career achievements to the table.

Education & Experience

A Berklee College of Music graduate, Sophie excels in violin, piano, and guitar. Her empathetic and positive teaching approach instills a lifelong love for music in her students. Brian, a summa cum laude graduate of both Berklee College of Music and Portland Community College, developed the unique Rock Dojo method, earning numerous awards and accolades. In addition, Brian also wrote the upcoming metal musical for kids, “Elijah & the Sacred Song” (2024).

A Shared Passion for After-School Guitar

Together, they’re dedicated to helping students unlock their full musical potential with fun and engaging after-school guitar lessons.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Rock Dojo After-School Guitar Lessons

Q1: What is Rock Dojo’s after-school guitar program?

A: Rock Dojo’s after-school guitar program is an award-winning program in Portland, OR, designed to teach students musical literacy, essential guitar techniques, and iconic riffs. The program includes an e-course, a student handbook, and a certificate of completion.

Q2: How much does the after-school guitar program cost?

A: The price for Rock Dojo’s after-school guitar program ranges between $297 for eight classes and $370 for ten classes.

Q3: Do students need their guitars for after-school guitar lessons?

A: Yes, students need a kid-sized guitar. Rock Dojo rents a limited number of guitars for the after-school program. To inquire about guitar rentals, please get in touch with Brian through the “Contact Us” page.

Q4: Is the Rock Dojo after-school suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! Most Rock Dojo after-school students start as total beginners. The program is designed to teach students quickly and efficiently.

Q5: Can students use acoustic and electric guitars for the Rock Dojo after-school program?

A: Yes, both kids-sized acoustic and electric guitars are suitable for the Rock Dojo program.

Q6: Where can I find a guitar for my child?

A: Contact your local music store to find the right guitar for your child’s needs and preferences.

Q7: Is there an online version of Rock Dojo’s after-school guitar program?

A: Yes! The Rock Dojo Complete Series is designed to bring the award-winning after-school guitar program to your home. The series includes a comprehensive e-course, a student handbook, and a certificate of completion.

Q8: Where can I find more information about Rock Dojo?

A: To learn more about Rock Dojo and its offerings, explore the following options on our website: For self-paced online guitar lessons, visit the online lessons page; for personalized, one-on-one instruction, check out our online private guitar lessons; and for live concerts for kids, head to the concerts section.

Q9: Can I try Rock Dojo for free?

A: Yes! Sign up for the bi-weekly newsletter to receive Rock Dojo’s free introductory guitar course for kids.

Ignite your child’s creativity with Rock Dojo’s award-winning guitar program. Get our FREE Introductory Course for Kids today!

Bring the Rock Dojo Experience Home: Transform Your Child into a Guitar Hero Anywhere!

Don’t live in Portland, OR? No problem! Unleash your child’s inner rock ninja with the Rock Dojo Complete Series, designed to bring our award-winning after-school guitar program into your home.

The Rock Dojo Complete Series includes:

  1. Comprehensive e-course with step-by-step instructions for mastering musical literacy, essential guitar techniques, and iconic riffs.
  2. A student handbook to guide your child through their guitar journey.
  3. A certificate of completion to celebrate their achievement and progression through the program.

Join hundreds of satisfied Rock Dojo families and witness your child’s transformation as they build confidence, discipline, and a lifelong passion for music. Now, invest in your child’s future as a guitar rock star!

Enroll in the Complete Series Today!

🎸 Click here to purchase the Rock Dojo Complete Series and start your child’s musical journey today! 🎸

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