Rock Dojo After-School Guitar Portland

Rock Dojo After-School Guitar

Looking for a great after-school program for your kids in Portland, OR? Look no further than Rock Dojo. Rock Dojo’s award-winning rock guitar program for elementary school students is back and better than ever for Portland kids.

Why Choose Rock Dojo After-School?

Our mission is to provide every elementary school student in the Greater Portland Metro with an opportunity to play the guitar by 2025.

We’re passionate about that mission because we believe in the positive power of rock guitar to teach kids transferable success skills like hard work, social skills, and self-confidence.

Hard work: There’s only one way to level up your belt level at Rock Dojo: hard work. Through weekly in-person lessons and self-guided study at home via Rock Dojo’s Video-On-Demand Courses, students can earn colored wristbands and certificates of completion as they level up their guitar skills, learning about the power of hard work in the process.

Social Skills: Learning to play music together requires teamwork, communication, and collaboration. During the Rock Dojo after-school, we leverage the power of group games to teach kids the fundamental social skills they need to succeed on the bandstand, in the classroom, or anywhere else.

Self-Confidence: The guitar is no joke. Don’t believe me? Pick up one and play your favorite song. If you have never played the guitar before, you may be surprised by how challenging it can be to make music on this instrument. Kids who learn to play and perform on the guitar during the Rock Dojo after-school classes build confidence from overcoming challenges.

Since 2015, Rock Dojo has taught more than 1,000 students how to play the guitar in our award-winning after-school programs.

What Does My Child Learn During the Rock Dojo After-School Program?

Over eight weeks, students learn how to play classic rock riffs, power chords, cowboy chords, and some of their favorite songs on the guitar.

No More Fussing About At-Home Guitar Practice!

Rock Dojo takes the stress away from at-home practice by providing your child with a step-by-step system for learning to play the guitar. That means every child who registers for the Rock Dojo after-school program receives:
– A student handbook.
– A Video-On-Demand Course that walks students page by page through the student handbook.
– Weekly handouts with popular songs are arranged specifically for kids.

How Does My Child Earn a Black Belt in Rock Guitar?

Every child who completes the Rock Dojo Video-On-Demand course receives a certificate of completion and a colored wristband.

Students who complete all five Video-On-Demand courses represented by the colors white, yellow, green, red, and black receive a black belt in rock!

What Makes Rock Dojo Different From All The Other Guitar Teachers?

Nobody teaches kids how to play the guitar quite like the Rock Dojo. Rock Dojo is a minority-owned, woman-owned business founded right here in Portland, OR, by myself and my wife, Sophie.

As the first guitar instructors to leverage the martial arts belt system to motivate students to practice the guitar at home, Sophie and I are recognized, industry leaders.

Sophie and I are both graduates of Berklee College of Music, one of the world’s most prestigious colleges for music education.

Students receive world-class resources to help them practice the guitar at home, like the student handbook, Video-On-Demand courses, and weekly handouts.

Since 2015, more than a thousand elementary school students have learned how to play the guitar in the Rock Dojo after-school programs.

Check out our 5-Star Ratings on Google to see what some of their parents say about Rock Dojo!

Rock Dojo After-School Guitar Launches Monday, September 26, 2022

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Abernethy Elementary
Alameda Elementary
Beverly Cleary K-8
Laurelhurst K-8
Irvington Elementary
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