Best Guitar After-School 2022 Portland Oregon

Rock Dojo has been rocking Portland after-school since 2014!

Rock Dojo Guitar After-School is Back!

Back to school is coming, and many parents are searching for the best after-school experience in Portland, Oregon. Rock Dojo is an award-winning guitar program born in Portland, Oregon. Since 2014, Brian has developed the most innovative and engaging music learning experience for elementary school children. Rock Dojo is more than a guitar lesson, it’s designed as an opportunity for children to experience success.

“I created a five-level guitar program for kids to experience the confidence that comes from learning, practicing, and performing on the guitar,” says Brian “The Guitar Sensei Parham.

Rock Dojo is, at its core, a winning and repeatable process Rock Dojo students can apply to their academic challenges. Rock Dojo alumni went on to do great things.

Here are recent updates on our older students:

  • More than 1-Billion streams on Spotify.
  • First family member to attend college, winning a full scholarship for music.
  • Fullbright Scholarship (application pending).
  • National Taekwondo Champion.
  • State Basketball Champion
  • Medical School Enrollment

Rock Dojo students gain skills and confidence through our achievement-based curriculum that are transferable in academics and life.

Rock Dojo after-school guitar is back in 2022!

What to Expect in Rock Dojo After-School?

When you sign-up for Rock Dojo after-school, this is what you can expect:

  • Weekly one-hour class. Starting Fall 2022, Rock Dojo serves students at Abernethy, Alameda, Beverly Cleary, and Laurelhurst schools.
  • Student-Teacher ratio: Rock Dojo classes max out at twenty students. That means the student-teacher ratio is at most 10-1. Moreover, Sophie and Brian are both Berklee College of Music graduates, which means every student receives plenty of personalized instruction from expert musicians.
  • Students will learn 8 iconic guitar riffs, basic chords, and 5 essential musical concepts.
  • Each student will be able to perform in front of the class (If they choose to do so).
  • Each class is paced by engaging activities, opportunities for teamwork, and games.
  • Clear communication: Students will receive weekly handouts and clear instructions about how to practice between classes. Of course, instructors are happy to help and answer questions.
  • Each student will be provided with a coupon for a FREE Video-On-Demand Course matching the instruction they will receive in class.
  • Upon completing the online course, each student will receive a certificate of achievement for the accomplished level.


Families in the Portland Area love the Rock Dojo experience for their children. Look up what they say about Rock Dojo after-school on Google reviews.

“Such a great program. Brian is a wonderful teacher, the methods are easily accessible, the online tools are helpful, and the kids loved the class.” – Ian

Brian helped bring my shy boy into a rockstar! He always looks forward to his lesson with Rock Dojo and enthusiastically practices independently. My son loves it, and so do we! – Darci

Meet the Instructors

Rock Dojo arose from the founder’s passion for preserving music’s legacy and sharing guitars with children. Brian and Sophie Parham founded the Rock Dojo in 2014. Since then, they have taught more than 1,000 elementary school students to play guitar after-school, in private lessons, and in community workshops.

“We don’t just teach kids about guitar, we teach kids how to rock out on guitar!” Brian and Sophie are both Berklee School of Music graduates and share a passion for enriching our communities through music. Brian’s work with his students inspires his creative projects. You can listen to his recent album “Let Me Hear Your Fingers Sing” on Spotify.

Get Started With a Free Guitar Lesson

When you sign up for our newsletter, you receive a free Rock Dojo introductory course delivered to your mailbox. This solid guitar foundation is designed to get your child started playing the guitar the right way!