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When should kids start learning guitar?

When Should Kids Start Learning Guitar?

FREE COURSE When Should Kids Start Learning Guitar? When should kids start learning guitar? Well, it depends. That's because there are two different types of learning: formal learning and informal learning. Let's take a deeper dive into both of these learning types. Get your child started playing the guitar the ...
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What Age Should Children Begin Music Education?

FREE COURSE Rock Dojo Offers Top-Notch Online On-Demand Music Education For Kids Parents, are you looking to get your kid involved in a fun extracurricular activity this school year? Do you want to give them the opportunity to really expand their horizons and learn new things? Then consider online guitar ...
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How to Motivate Your Child to Practice Guitar

How to Motivate Your Child to Practice Guitar

FREE COURSE This simple three-step process will teach you how to motivate your child to practice guitar or any other instrument. Get your child some extra motivation with Rock Dojo online guitar lessons for kids. You Just Signed Your Child Up For Guitar Lessons You signed your child up for ...
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A father teaching his son how to play guitar. Benefits of music Education

What Are The Benefits Of Music Education For Kids? 

Why Kids Benefit From Music Education Here at Rock Dojo, the staff and students alike are dedicated to the pursuit of the art of rock n’ roll! Learning to play guitar at Rock Dojo is about more than just playing totally sick riffs, though. The Rock Dojo’s guitar sensei, Brian ...
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Music Education Benefits: Music And Coordination 

Guitar Lessons For Children Aged 6-12 Available Through Rock Dojo Parents, as your kids are getting settled in for the new school year, are you thinking about what extracurricular activities would be best for them? Do you want to enroll them in an activity that is fun but that also ...
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Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

Rock Dojo Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

FREE GUITAR COURSE Online Rock Guitar Lessons for Kids The Rock Dojo is an award-winning, minority-owned, husband and wife team dedicated to providing kids with the best online guitar lessons! At the Rock Dojo, we believe in the positive power of guitar for kids! Rock Dojo has been teaching children ...
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Rock Dojo Online guitar lessons for kids

5 Benefits Of Music Education 

Rock Dojo Teaches Your Kids The Art Of Rock And Much More Here at the Rock Dojo, we’re eager to share our passion for music and the art of rock n’ roll with children aged 6-12 who have taken an interest in the guitar. Did you know, though, that learning ...
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electric or acoustic guitar

Should My Child Learn Electric or Acoustic Guitar?

FREE GUITAR COURSE Is it easier for kids to start with electric or acoustic guitar? If your child is interested in playing the guitar, you may be wondering which is better: electric or acoustic guitar? That's a great question! The answer to that question is this: "Well, it depends." That's ...
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Girl playing a guitar after getting on demend video lessons from Rock Dojo

Music Education Benefits: Music And Memory

Kids Learn How To Rock Out On Guitar With Help From The Guitar Sensei Does your child show an interest in guitar? Do you want to foster the interest in music in them? Rock Dojo can help you do just that! Brian Parham, the guitar sensei, offers guitar lessons for ...
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5 Tips for Playing Guitar with Small Hands Rock Dojo Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

5 Tips to Play Guitar With Small Hands

FREE EMAIL COURSE YES, A SIX-YEAR OLD PLAY GUITAR WITH SMALL HANDS After teaching hundreds of six-year-old children how to play the guitar over the years, Rock Dojo understands the challenges and frustrations of playing guitar. One of the biggest challenges kids face is how to play guitar with small ...
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mother teaching her daughter the benefits of music education on a guitar.

Why Music Education Is Important

Why Is Music Education Important For Children? The Rock Dojo team is dedicated to helping children on the path to rock n’ roll! Parents, as summer comes to an end and your attention turns back to your child’s education, we urge you to consider the importance of music education and ...
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Why is Music Important?

Why Is Music Important? Interview with Lisa James

SIGN UP Why Is Music Important? Why is music important? That's a great question. See, I grew up in a musically deprived environment, which is why I am so fascinated by families of musicians providing musically rich and inspiring environments for their children. For that reason, I was so excited ...
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