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Bebo and Brian Parham celebrating Rock Dojo student success with White Belt certificate and wristband

Rock Dojo Student Success: Bebo

Discover the incredible Rock Dojo student success story of eight-year-old Libero, also known as "Bebo," who recently completed the Rock Dojo White Belt online guitar course. Bebo's dedication and hard work have made him an inspiration for other young aspiring musicians. Celebrating Bebo's Rock Dojo Student Success Journey Please join ...
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An infographic providing guidance for parents to help them choose their child's first guitar. The infographic features illustrations of guitars divided into three sections: age group, guitar size, and height range. Text explains the recommended guitar size for each age group and height range. The infographic is easy to read and understand, with clear labels and a simple layout.

Child’s First Guitar: Choosing the Right Guitar

Selecting the right instrument for your child is crucial when embarking on their musical journey. Picking the perfect child's first guitar can be confusing and overwhelming. This post will provide tips on selecting the right guitar based on your child’s age, size, and skill level to help your child have ...
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Two pre-teens learning guitar with total focus

Learning Guitar: A Beginner’s Guide for Kids

Learning guitar is a great place to start if you're a parent looking to inspire your child's passion for music! With the proper guidance and resources, kids of all ages can master this instrument and enjoy a lifetime of creative expression. In this beginner's guide to learning guitar, we'll share ...
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An eight-year-old girl playing guitar with a smile on her face in a Rock Dojo after-school program for guitar lessons for kids.

Guitar Lessons for Kids: Parent Support

Welcome to our blog on guitar lessons for kids! Playing an instrument is an excellent way for children to develop their creativity, self-discipline, and confidence. Guitar, in particular, is a popular choice among kids because it's a versatile and fun instrument to play. However, guitar playing can be challenging. That's ...
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Reid with a big smile holding his yellow belt certificate in rock guitar from Rock Dojo.

Yellow Belt in Rock: Reid’s Success Story

A yellow belt in rock is an achievement worth celebrating, and at Rock Dojo, we're proud of our students' hard work and dedication. In this student success story, we're excited to share how Reid, age 10, earned his yellow belt in rock guitar. Join us as we take a closer ...
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A child playing the guitar during Rock Dojo's after-school guitar lessons for children.

Guitar Lessons for Children: Guitar Terminology

Guide to Common Guitar Terminology for Beginners Starting guitar lessons for children can be an exciting and challenging experience, especially if they're new to the instrument. One of the biggest challenges is understanding all the terms and jargon of playing the guitar. This guide will explain some of the most ...
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Rock Dojo student taking online guitar lessons for kids - focused on playing guitar

Online Guitar Lessons for Kids Work: Here’s Why

If you're a busy parent with a child who wants to learn guitar, finding the time and resources to attend in-person lessons can be challenging. However, with the rise of online guitar lessons for kids, learning guitar has never been more accessible or convenient. Here are five reasons why online ...
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Smiling Rock Dojo student balancing extracurricular activities with guitar lessons and after-school classes while holding a Pokemon

Balancing Extracurricular Activities: 7 Tips

Balancing extracurricular activities with school and work can be a challenge for parents. On the one hand, you want your child to excel academically and prepare for their future. On the other hand, extracurricular activities can provide valuable opportunities for personal growth and socialization. But with some planning and simple ...
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Two little girls smiling and making the rock sign with their hands to promote Rock Dojo's referral program.

The Rock Dojo Referral Program Rocks

Looking for a fun way to share your love of music with your friends and family while earning rewards? Look no further than the Rock Dojo referral program! Our program offers a simple and rewarding way to spread the joy of music to others while earning fabulous prizes for you ...
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Smiling girl playing guitar as part of homeschool guitar program

Best Guitar Program for Homeschooled Kids

As a homeschooling parent, you want the best music education program for your child that fits their unique needs and interests. So look no further than the Rock Dojo, an award-winning after-school and online guitar program for kids. Here are three reasons why the Rock Dojo is the perfect fit ...
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Infographic about the journey to earning a black belt in rock online guitar lessons for kids

Rock Dojo’s Online Guitar Lessons for Kids: The Journey to Earning a Black Belt in Rock

We designed Rock Dojo's online guitar lessons for kids to help children (aged 6-12) learn the guitar so well they can play and write their songs when they get a Black Belt in rock! Like in a martial arts dojo, students start at the white belt level and progress to ...
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Little girl playing the guitar in the Rock Dojo after-school program for kids on a guitar journey.

Support Your Child’s Guitar Journey

As a parent, it's natural to want to support your child's passions and interests. If your child is interested in learning guitar, you can play a crucial role in helping them succeed. At Rock Dojo, we understand the importance of parent support and have created a guide to help you ...
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