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Learn how to play crazy train on guitar with crazy train tabs onscreen.

How to Play Crazy Train on Guitar

FREE Mini-Guitar Course for Kids Learn How to Play Crazy Train on Guitar Hi, it's Brian Parham, the guitar sensei, with another free guitar tutorial for kids. In today's free guitar lesson for kids, I will teach your child how to play the opening riff to Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train." ...
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Rock Dojo Online guitar lessons for kids

Should My 6-Year-Old Start Lessons With An Electric Guitar?

Is Your 6 Year Old Interested In Guitar? Although 6 years old may seem too young to begin guitar lessons, it is never a bad idea to encourage your child’s interest in music. Parents, if you’re asking yourself if you should let your 6-year-old start electric guitar lessons, the answer ...
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Learn how to play Eye of the Tiger on guitar.

How to Play Eye of the Tiger on Guitar

FREE MINI-GUITAR COURSE FOR KIDS Learn How to Play Eye of the Tiger on Guitar In today's guitar lesson for kids, I'll teach you how to play Rocky Balboa's theme song, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. Eye of the Tiger is a perfect choice for those who want to ...
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Learn the best chords for beginners in this free online guitar chords for kids.

Guitar for Kids (Guitar Chords for Beginners)

FREE MINI-GUITAR COURSE FOR KIDS What are the best beginner guitar chords for kids? Well, I’ll answer that question in this guitar lesson for kids. I’ll also provide you with some easy exercises to teach you how to practice guitar chords, and I’ll teach you one easy strum pattern for ...
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What Is the Hardest First Instrument to Learn for A Child?

We Love All Instruments As music educators we think all instruments have value and in a lot of cases it comes down to what your child’s interest is on deciding what might be the easiest for them to learn. At Rock Dojo we definitely lean towards the guitar as a ...
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The benefits of music education

Why Music Education is Important

FREE Guitar Mini-Course for Kids I sat down with Camille Van Niekerk to talk about the benefits of music education this morning. Camille is a professional singer and vocal instructor in Southern California. She holds a BA in music education from Azusa Pacific University, where she graduated Summa cum laude ...
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african amaerican kid learning to play guitar with Rock Dojo Guitar Lessons for kids

Piano or Guitar Lessons for My 6-Year-Old

We Are Biased, But We Recommend the Guitar The most popular first instruments for a kid usually go in this order; piano, guitar, flute, violin, and trumpet. As educators, we think any of these would be great for whatever your kid shows interest in.  Previously we talked about the long-term benefits of ...
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Are Their Guitar Lessons Available for 5-Year-Olds?

You May Want to Wait a Year for Guitar Lessons There are exceptions to every rule. And who knows? Your child could be the next Mozart. Generally speaking, 6 is the better age for your child to start guitar lessons. For some parents 6 seems early, but it is not ...
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Learn the five biggest mistakes parents make with guitar lessons, so you can avoid them during your child's free online guitar lessons for kids.

Guitar Lessons for Kids: Biggest Mistakes

FREE Guitar Mini-Course for Kids Guitar lessons for kids can be one of the greatest gifts parents provide their children. After all, music improves children's brain development, enhances their cognitive skills, and teaches them lifelong success skills. However, even with the best intentions, parents often fall victim to common mistakes ...
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Learn how to build a guitar practice routine for kids in this free online guitar lesson.

Guitar Lessons for Kids: Practice Routine

FREE Guitar Mini-Course for Kids Want to get the most out of your child's guitar lessons for kids? In that case, it helps to think of getting in shape. That's because music is similar to working out. Please stick with me, and it'll all make sense. If you want to ...
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Learn how to tune a guitar.

How to Tune a Guitar for Kids

FREE Guitar Mini-Course for Kids If your guitar is out of tune, then no amount of practice will help you sound good! That's why learning how to tune a guitar is the first skill you must master if you want to play the guitar. Moreover, you should tune the guitar ...
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african american black girl playing and learning the guitar

Level One Online Spring Guitar Lessons Starting Soon

Guitar Lessons For Children Made Easy With Rock Dojo The Rock Dojo team helps children ages 6-12 earn their black belt in playing the guitar! As we go into Spring, we’re getting ready to begin the online Spring guitar lessons for all levels of our classes. Interested parents can also ...
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