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5 Easy Guitar Riffs on a Single String Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

5 Easy Guitar Riffs

Sign Up! In this free online guitar lesson for kids, I will teach your child how to play five easy guitar riffs on a single string. The lesson includes a full video tutorial with onscreen guitar tabs designed especially for kids. Plus, the songs have been arranged so that any ...
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White Belt Lessons: Begin Your Rock Journey Today!

Every Journey Begins With A Single Step – Start Your White Belt Journey Today Learning any new skill may seem intimidating at first, but often the hardest step to take is that very first step. The Rock Dojo team is here to help kids who are interested in pursuing the ...
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Learn how to play Brainstew on Guitar

Easy Guitar Riffs (Brain Stew)

FREE GIFT Easy Guitar Riffs Easy guitar riffs are a great way to keep your child motivated to play the guitar, especially in the beginning. That's because guitar riffs are by nature short, repeatable, and easy to play. Best of all, the great ones are immediately recognizable, so your child ...
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Rock Dojo Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

Are You Ready For Rock n’ Roll Summer Guitar Lessons?

Rock Dojo’s Summer Of Rock Begins Soon! Rock Dojo parents, this summer you’ve got the choice to help your girls and boys make a lot of noise – and not with just any toys! Because while school is out for summer, your children can still take joy in learning the ...
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Why is music important? Music education interview with Dave Celentano

Why Is Music Important? Interview with Dave Celentano

FREE COURSE Why is music important? I sat down with a world-class guitarist and music educator, Dave Celentano, to answer precisely that question. During the course of this interview, Dave outlines his philosophy on music education, provides parents with tips for creating music-rich environments, and shares his first musical memories ...
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Rock Dojo Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

School’s Out For Summer – So Rock On With Rock Dojo!

Join Rock Dojo This Summer For A Summer Of Rock! School’s out for summer – finally! That is unless you’re a dedicated student of rock who plans on attending Rock Dojo’s summer guitar lessons! Summer school has never been this fun or this cool before – but no other summer ...
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Learn how to play heartbreaker on guitar in this free online guitar lesson for kids.

Heartbreaker Guitar Lesson

FREE COURSE Heartbreaker Guitar Lesson Are you ready to rock the Heartbreaker guitar lesson? If your child has already learned how to play Smoke on the Water and Iron Man, then he or she is ready to tackle Led Zeppelin's iconic opening riff from Heartbreaker. While it features some tricky ...
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Online Guitar lessons for kids with Rock Dojo

Summer Of Rock With Rock Dojo

Summer Classes Have Never Been Cooler With Rock Dojo Summertime is here at long last – a time of freedom and exploration for many young kids. Would you believe us if we said one of the most fun ways for your child to spend their summer just might be with ...
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Why is music important? Music education interview with Miss Kim

Why is Music Important?

FREE COURSE Welcome to "Why is Music Important?" Each month, I interview my favorite music educators and musicians to discuss the positive benefits of music education and provide parents with practical tips for integrating music into their children's everyday lives. This week, I sat down with Miss Kim's Children's Music ...
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kid playing online guitar lessons

3 Tips to Play the Guitar with Small Hands

Helping Your 6-Year-Old Play The Guitar The Rock Dojo applauds parents who are eager to help their children along the path to earning their black belt in guitar playing. That’s why Rock Dojo is here for parents with tips on how to help their children achieve their rock n’ roll ...
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Learn how to play come as you are on guitar in this free online guitar lesson for kids.

How to Play Come as You Are on Guitar

FREE COURSE If your child is ready to learn how to play Come as You Are on guitar, then you've come to the right place! The intro riff sounds great, and it's easy to play. For that reason, Come As You Are is a perfect song choice for kids or ...
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kid dressed up like an old man playing guitar

Top 3/4 Size Electric Guitars for Kids 8-12

How Do I Know I’m Getting The Right Size Guitar For My Kid? You’re a parent buying your child’s first guitar and you want to make sure you get it right. How can you know which guitar is the best choice for your child’s first guitar? With help from Rock ...
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