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Online Group Guitar Lessons for Kids are Now Available!

High-Quality Online Guitar Lessons for Kids are Now Available in Group Classes Since public officials closed the public schools in Oregon due to the coronavirus pandemic, we set one simple goal: to make our award-winning, introductory-level rock guitar program for kids available to students across the country. For that reason, ...
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5 Easy Tips to Help You Homeschool Your Child

Nearly half of the nation's school systems have closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, parents across the country working from home will see themselves in a new role: homeschool teachers. For that reason, we've put together five tips to help you homeschool your kids during the coronavirus ...
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african amaerican kid learning to play guitar with Rock Dojo Guitar Lessons for kids

5 Steps for a Great Online Guitar Lessons for Kids Experience

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on everyday lives, many public schools have closed across the country. On Monday, the White House recommended parents to work from their homes and to homeschool their children as much as possible. As parents scramble to provide educational activities for kids, it's ...
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Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

As the coronavirus sweeps across the United States, public schools in twelve states including Oregon have shut down. As a result, all Portland Public School after-school activities have been canceled effective March 12th through April 13th. Educational Activities for Kids As the public school systems are shutting down, it's more ...
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Meet the Rock Dojo Student of the Month | February 2020

At the Rock Dojo, we love celebrating our students' hard work in the practice room, leadership skills in the classroom, and their musical progress on the guitar. That's why we choose one student each month who rocked the hardest! Meet the Student Who Rocked Hardest this Month | Zoe  Zoe ...
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The 750-Hour Guitar Practice Challenge!

If you follow this blog, then you know there is only one sure-fire way to improve your guitar playing: practice. In fact, your guitar playing skills are directly proportional to two factors: the quality of your focus as you practice and the quantity (or the total number of hours) of ...
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Your First Five Guitar Chord Progressions for Kids | Power Chord Progressions

Over the last three weeks, you learned some classic rock guitar chord progressions using the open A, D, E, & G chords. This week, you'll learn the most mighty chord shape of all: the power chord! Buckle up because this rides about to get bumpy!   What's a Power Chord? ...
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Your First Five Guitar Chord Progressions for Kids: I bVII IV

Over the last few weeks, you learned how to play the most popular chord progression of all-time on the guitar: The I IV V chord progression. Then, we taught you how to play a common variation, the I V IV chord progression. Combined, those are the two most common chord ...
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The Looong-Term Benefits of Guitar Lessons for Kids

Most parents agree that extra-curricular activities and creative outlets are healthy for our kids. Did you know that guitar lessons and music training, in general, go a step further? When you give your kids guitar lessons now, they benefit all the way through their senior years. The Other 90 Percent ...
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Rock Dojo Students of the Month | January 2020

Each month, we highlight one or two students who rocked the hardest during our after-school group guitar classes in Portland, Oregon. Think of it as a digital fist bump to those students who practiced hardest, helped others the most, and set a positive example for their classmates. Student of the ...
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The Ultimate Guitar Practice Guide for Kids and Parents

Your child's guitar skills are a result of the quantity and quality of their practice routines. For that reason, we put together the ultimate practice guide for kids & parents to help you and your child establish a rock-solid guitar practice routine! QUALITY OF GUITAR PRACTICE   Let's begin with deliberate ...
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Your First Five Guitar Chord Progressions for Kids | I V IV Chord Progression in A

Last week, you learned your first guitar chord progression, Congratulations! The I IV V chord progression is probably the most common chord progression of all-time! The I IV V chord progression is found in all styles of music including country, folk, blues, rock, and even classical. It's the foundation of ...
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