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Your First Guitar Lesson for Kids

Rock Dojo Starts Guitar Lessons For Free Online

Rock Dojo Helps Foster An Interest And Skill For Music In Children The team at Rock Dojo believes that every child should have the opportunity to pursue any interest they have in music. Rock Dojo has provided many kids with that very opportunity, and now the team at Rock Dojo ...
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Guitar Sensei plays power chords

Guitar Lessons For Kids: Open Power Chords

Power chords are the fastest, most surefire chord type for rocking hard! Rock Dojo Gives Kids The Opportunity To Start Guitar Lessons For Free Brian Parham is the guitar sensei at Rock Dojo, and he is ready to help your child learn the skills necessary to play guitar – all ...
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How to Help Your Kid Practice the Guitar

Get Your FREE GUitar COurse for Kids How to help your kid practice the guitar? In this blog post, I'll answer that question by providing you with my top five tips to help your kid practice the guitar. And if you stick around to the end of the blog post, ...
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Celebrating Black History Month: Top 5 Black Male Guitarists

We are finishing up the celebration of Top Guitarists for Black History Month with a list of the top five black male guitarists. Yesterday we listed the top five black female guitarists. Almost every top black male guitarist list is different. Some lists are based on technical skill, others are ...
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Rock Dojo black history month top 5 female guitarists

Black History Month: Top 5 Black Female Guitarists

We are near the end of celebrating Top Guitarists for Black History Month. In today's post we celebrate the top 5 black women guitarists. We also have a list of top 5 black male guitarists. To this day when you google, “top guitarists of all time.” you will usually get ...
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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Guitar Lessons

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Guitar Tabs

FREE GUITAR COURSE FOR KIDS Best Online Guitar Lessons for Kids Your child can learn how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on guitar in this free online guitar lesson. The song is arranged on one string, so it's perfect for a kid who's been playing guitar for a few ...
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african amaerican kid learning to play guitar with Rock Dojo Guitar Lessons for kids

Guitar Lessons For Kids: Reading Guitar Tab

Kids Learn Guitar Online With The Help Of Rock Dojo Do you have a child who is musically inclined? Does your child have an interest in guitar? Thanks to Rock Dojo, your child can learn guitar from guitar sensei all from the safety and comfort of your home! Rock Dojo ...
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Which Scales to Learn First on the Guitar?

Which Scales Should I Learn First on Guitar?

FREE GUITAR COURSE FOR KIDS When it comes to teaching students how to practice scales on the guitar, one of the most common responses guitar teachers hear is, "Do I have to?" The short answer is "Yes!" The long answer is also yes, but I'll explain why you need to ...
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kid playing online guitar lessons

Guitar Lessons For Kids: Their First Riff

Your Child Can Learn Guitar From The Safety Of Your Home  What if your child could pick up a new skill that would allow them to unleash their creativity from the safety of your home? With free online guitar lessons from Rock Dojo, they can! Now is the perfect time to get ...
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african amaerican kid learning to play guitar with Rock Dojo Guitar Lessons for kids

What Is Rock Star Guitar Position?

Kids Can Earn Their Black Belt In Guitar With Rock Dojo If you as a parent value creativity and learning new skills, then consider signing your child up for Portland’s award-winning guitar lesson program with Rock Dojo! Through Rock Dojo, your child will have access to amazing free online guitar ...
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Why Music Education Matters? Interview with Dr. Mark Pipes Rock Dojo Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

Why Does Music Education Matter? Interview with Dr. Mark Pipes

FREE ONLINE GUITAR COURSE FOR KIDS What are the most important musical skills every student should focus on developing? Why are scales so important for musicians? And why should we care about music education at all? These are just some of the questions Dr. Mark Pipes and I discuss during ...
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collage of Prince as the greatest guitarist of all time

Black History Month: Prince

Continuing our celebration of Top Guitarists for Black History Month, we highlight the artist who brought the electric guitar back to popular music. When we think of the greatest guitarists in history Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley come to mind. A decade after them Jimi Hendrix reinvented the electric guitar ...
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