Children of all skill levels participating in Rock Dojo after-school program in Portland, OR.

Rock Dojo After-School: One Class, All Levels

Children of all skill levels participating in Rock Dojo after-school program in Portland, OR.

You’ve heard the buzz about Rock Dojo after-school from excited parents whose kids are strumming chords and rocking out in ways they never thought possible. But if you’re a new parent on the block or have a child with a different skill level, you might wonder how we manage a classroom full of diverse abilities. In short, Rock Dojo offers an innovative approach to ensure every child can participate and grow—no matter where they start.

The “Which Level Are You?” Approach to Rock Dojo After-School

Imagine walking into a guitar class, not knowing if it will be too easy or hard for you. At Rock Dojo, that’s not a problem. Co-founders Sophie and I have developed a unique methodology called the ‘Which Level Are You?’ approach. In every class, we introduce a new technique or concept at three levels of complexity: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This ensures that everyone understands the foundational idea and is sufficiently challenged at their skill levels. Whether your child picks up the guitar for the first time or is on their way to becoming the next Jimi Hendrix, we’ve got something for everyone.

Rock Dojo After-School: Starting Strong with Foundational Skills

But what about those who are entirely new to the world of guitars? Rest easy knowing we spend the first two weeks on foundational skills. This two-week period is essential to catch newcomers up to speed and prepare them for the more complex lessons.

Keeping Things Fresh at Rock Dojo After-School

For those who are returning or are at a more advanced level, we assure you that the curriculum doesn’t get stale. We always bring new materials into the mix every quarter. Whether it’s group songs that everyone can jam to or intricate scale studies for those looking for a challenge, we keep the course material fresh and engaging.

The Joy of Progress

We take immense pride in witnessing each student’s significant strides in our program. For example, Finley, a returning student, made leaps and bounds last term and was ripping some serious rock guitar by the end of the quarter. At the same time, his younger brother, Alden, built a strong foundation for future success. This highlights how our unique approach allows every student to make noticeable progress, irrespective of their starting point.

Never Too Advanced for Basics

It’s also worth mentioning that revisiting foundational skills is vital in mastering any craft. This is a practice even the most seasoned musicians engage in regularly. Remember, mastery is a journey, not a destination.

If you’re convinced that Rock Dojo is the ideal environment for nurturing your child’s guitar prowess, we can’t wait to welcome you into our community. Click here to register and embark on a musical journey like no other!

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