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Level One Online Spring Guitar Lessons Starting Soon

Guitar Lessons For Children Made Easy With Rock Dojo  The Rock Dojo team helps children ages 6-12 earn their black belt in playing the guitar! As we go into Spring, we’re getting ready to begin the online Spring guitar lessons for all levels of our classes. Interested parents can also sign their children up for Rock Dojo’s free online guitar lessons!   All Online […]

Learning The Guitar Strings With Rock Dojo

Encourage Your Child’s Creativity By Helping Them Learn Guitar  Giving your child a creative outlet can be a fulfilling experience for them. If your child is interested in music, in particular in guitar, you have the opportunity to sign them up for free online guitar lessons with Rock Dojo. That’s right! The first lessons offered by the award-winning guitar lessons for kids program are […]

Get Free Guitar Lessons From A Guitar Sensei

Learn To Rock With Rock Dojo! Free Guitar Lessons For Kids  One of the best ways to enrich your child’s life is to encourage interest in hobbies. With Rock Dojo’s free online guitar lessons for kids, it’s easier than ever to help your child gain the skill of playing guitar! The Rock Dojo program is one that parents can trust. Rock Dojo’s guitar program […]

3 Free Online Guitar Lessons From Rock Dojo

Rock Dojo Teaches Your Child The Rock Essentials  If you’re looking for an enriching activity for your child and have a kid who’s really into music, consider signing them up for Rock Dojo! With lessons from Rock Dojo, your child will learn the basics of guitar playing in no time and soon become a black belt level guitarist! To get your […]

Why Portland Kids Are Signing Up For These New Award-Winning Guitar Lessons

Portland, Oregon is no different when it comes to loving music. Portland also does not have a shortage of kids who want to learn guitar. What Portland does have are unique guitar lessons that are exclusively taught at 10 local Portland schools. Children who learn and graduate through the Rock Dojo method graduate with skills […]

The 4 Greatest Challenges Facing Guitar Teachers

The music education industry is rapidly changing. Online learning tools like YouTube are reshaping the industry. In the coming years, independent guitar instructors unable to adapt to these changes will be out of business while those teachers savvy enough to adapt to the changing landscape will win big! In this article, I’ll overview the greatest […]

The Guitar Can Save the World: A New Type of Hero is Born

The guitar can save the world. I know this because the guitar saved me, and it can save you or members of your community too. A Kid Without a Guitar I grew up in Exeter, PA, a modest coal miner’s town nestled on the banks of the Susquehanna River. While the winters were frigid, springtime brought the […]

The Guitar Can Save the World! Here’s How.

“Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life.” ― Jean Paul Friedrich Richter It’s no secret the world is in some trouble. Climate change. Inequality. Mass shootings. The rise of neo-fascism and the threat of nuclear war. These days, the headlines read like a recipe for the apocalypse. As a result, people are […]

Grow Your Teaching Studio with Group Guitar Lessons

If you’re a guitar instructor interested in leveraging your time, reaching more students,  and maximizing your impact, then this article is perfect for you! Private Lessons: A Flawed Business Model When I first started teaching guitar, I followed the usual path filling my schedule with private lessons. As my reputation grew, my student roster quickly ballooned. […]