5 Reasons Why Zoom Online Guitar Lessons for Kids Rock!

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As millions of kids across the country and around the world are stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, parents are turning to online classes for their kids. So do how online guitar lessons for kids compare to in-person guitar lessons?

We spent hours testing out Zoom’s features, scouring their support pages, and attending live webinars, and we’re convinced Zoom rocks! While Zoom offers a slew of features to gush about, here are our top five reasons why we love Zoom for teaching online guitar lessons.

#1. Amazing Video Quality

Zoom bills itself as a world leader in videoconferencing software, and it’s easy to understand why after teaching dozens of online guitar lessons for beginners and group guitar classes for kids over the last few weeks. In our experience, the video quality was spectacular, especially when viewing educational resources like guitar tablature and chord diagrams.

#2. Active Speaker Helps Manage Large Groups

With 22-kids between the ages of 6 and 12-years-old virtually learning to play the guitar at once, one would assume things would get crazy, but that wasn’t the case. That’s because of Zoom’s feature called “active speaker.” The active speaker feature allows the student who is performing or speaking to take center stage in the form of a large on-screen window. This creates an environment where the teacher can function as the facilitator of a virtual classroom. In turn, this allows each student to participate with the full attention of his/her classmates.

#3. Annotate Screen Share Allows Teachers to Pinpoint their Instruction

This is the one area where online lessons obviously outshine their in-person counterparts. In fact, the screen share function is so vast and deep, we’ll need to break it up into several sub-features. The first of which is the annotation tool, which allows users to share their screens and make notes in real-time. As you can see in the image below, the instructor is teaching the student how to read guitar chord diagrams. The blue arrow is just one of Zoom’s annotation tools, which helps to point out particularly challenging chords or highlight sections of music that could use some extra attention.

4. Share Computer Sound Introduces Kids to Iconic Artists

Zoom allows guitar teachers to send computer audio to their students and vice versa. This feature worked exceptionally well for sharing high-quality backing tracks and critiquing student performances in real-time. It was also great for sharing songs, which is a huge bonus for kids who never heard of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, or The Rolling Stones!

5. Joining a Meeting is Easy!

This was a toss-up between auto-record and joining a meeting. In the end, we chose the join a meeting feature because many parents assume joining a meeting might be a huge hassle. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, joining a meeting is so easy, a six-year-old can do it and has done it! That’s because it requires no further steps than clicking on a web meeting link then hitting the open Zoom button.

There you have it: 5 reasons why Zoom rocks for online guitar lessons:

  • Amazing Video Quality
  • Active Speaker
  • Annotate Screen Share
  • Share Computer Sound
  • Easy Join a Meeting

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