After-School Group Guitar Lessons


Rock Dojo after-school is the only place your kids can get a black belt in rock!

Rock Dojo’s award-winning after-school rock guitar program in Portland, OR, teaches students musical literacy skills, fundamental guitar techniques, and classic riffs. By the end of the eight weeks after-school program, students will be able to perform eight classic rock riffs on the guitar for their family and friends. Includes an e-course, a student handbook, and a certificate of completion.

Abernethy Elementary School

Alameda School

Beverly Cleary School – 2nd Semester (MOST POPULAR)

Beverly Cleary School – Winter – 11 Weeks

Beverly Cleary School – Spring – 10 Weeks

Irvington School

Laurelhurst School

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Hi! We are Sophie and Brian, co-founders of Rock Dojo. Rock Dojo is an award-winning guitar lesson system trusted by parents and kids. It is designed to help kids (aged 6-12) learn the guitar so well they can play and write their own songs by the time they get a Black Belt in rock!

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Rock Dojo will help your child start playing the guitar right for FREE. That’s right! Sign up for Rock Dojo’s bi-weekly newsletter, and you’ll receive three free online guitar lessons for kids. Throughout this free introductory guitar course, the guitar sensei will teach your child how to hold the guitar, read guitar tabs, the names of the open strings, and so much more. Sign up for your free guitar course for kids today!