Learn Why Music Education Is Important 

Early Music Education Helps Your Children Get Ahead 

Here at Rock Dojo, we’re dedicated to helping young soon-to-be rockstars reach their potential on the guitar. Has your child shown an interest in music? If you’re looking for a good extracurricular activity for your child this school year, then Rock Dojo could be the choice for you. We’re #1 when it comes to online guitar lessons. 

Why Is Music Education Important? 

It’s a given that here at Rock Dojo we consider early music education to be important. We don’t ask that parents take our word for how important music can be in their children’s lives, though. We’ve talked to several musicians and music educators about why music education is important. 

Miss Kim’s Children’s Music 

Miss Kim has been writing, recording, and performing music for nearly three decades now. Most recently, her album “Growing Up Great” won a 2020 National Parenting Award. According to Miss Kim, music is crucial for teaching kids morals, movement, motivation, and fun. Read more about what Miss Kim has to say about music and music education when you read her “Why Is Music Important?” interview. 

Camille Van Niekerk 

We also interviewed Camille Van Niekerk, a professional singer and vocal instructor in Southern California. According to Camille, some major benefits of music education for kids are creative outlet, self-expression, and emotional regulation. How does music provide kids with these benefits? What other benefits to music education are there? Read “Why Music Education is Important” to find out.  

Sign Your Kids Up For Online Guitar Lessons 

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