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What Age Should Children Begin Music Education?

Rock Dojo Offers Top-Notch Online On-Demand Music Education For Kids 

Parents, are you looking to get your kid involved in a fun extracurricular activity this school year? Do you want to give them the opportunity to really expand their horizons and learn new things? Then consider online guitar lessons with Rock Dojo! Rock Dojo offers the #1 online guitar course for kids. We’re ready to teach your kids to rock out on the guitar! 

Get your child started playing guitar the right way with Rock Dojo’s free introductory guitar course for kids!

What Age Should Children Begin Music Education? 

When you opt to sign your child up for on-demand guitar lessons from Rock Dojo, you’re giving them an opportunity to learn much more than just how to play guitar. Did you know what early music education is also linked to development and learning in other areas? It’s true! 

Music education can help your child develop better math skills, language skills, self-esteem, and so much more. Early music education could give your child a head start. At what age, though, should children begin music education? 

According to PBS, this answer is three-fold. Informal musical activities and exposure can start soon after birth because the “window of opportunity” during which children can begin developing their musical sensibilities starts shortly after birth. Lessons can start to be formalized around age 3. Then, between the ages of six to nine is the perfect time for them to begin learning musical lessons for a particular instrument. 

Rock Dojo Offers Lessons For Ages 6 to 12! 

The Rock Dojo team is eager to help kids get interested in music. Our online guitar lessons are available for children ages 6 to 12. Look into our classes today! 

Sign Your Kids Up For Online Guitar Lessons 

The Rock Dojo is an award-winning guitar program for kids in Portland, OR. Online guitar lessons are the safest and most effective method for learning to play the guitar during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can register your kid now for our online group guitar classes for kids and private guitar lessons for kids. We also now offer on-demand online guitar lessons for kids starting at the White Belt level! 

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