Online Group Guitar Lessons for Kids are Now Available!


High-Quality Online Guitar Lessons for Kids are Now Available in Group Classes

Since public officials closed the public schools in Oregon due to the coronavirus pandemic, we set one simple goal: to make our award-winning, introductory-level rock guitar program for kids available to students across the country. For that reason, we pulled all of our resources together to provide kids with the best online guitar experience.


How Can Group Guitar Classes for Kids Benefit My Child?

We wanted to make online guitar lessons for kids affordable for every student. That’s why we leveraged the power of groups to provide affordable online guitar lessons for students. Furthermore, online group guitar lessons are great because it provides students with the opportunity to learn and grow their guitar playing abilities with other students their same ages and skill levels.

If you prefer private lessons, you can register by clicking on the big red button below



Online Guitar Class for Kids Level One: Introduction to the Guitar

Guitar Level One is an introduction to the guitar. By the end of eight weeks, students will develop fundamental skills in musical literacy including how to read guitar tab, how to read scale diagrams, how to read chord diagrams, and how to play eight classic guitar riffs!


Online Guitar Class for Kids Level Two: Rock Fundamentals

Guitar Level Two is an advanced guitar class for students. Before joining this class, students should be comfortable reading guitar tab and playing easy guitar riffs on the low E-string. Finally, students who join this online guitar class for kids are expected to practice at least 15-minutes per day, six days per week.

Over the course of eight weeks, students will learn how to play moveable power chords, the minor pentatonic scale, and open chords.


What Will I Need for My Kid to Study the Guitar Online?

Before registering your child for online guitar lessons for beginners, make sure you have access to a high-speed internet connection, a functioning computer or smartphone with a built-in webcam, a guitar, and a guitar tuner. If you can check each of those boxes, you should be ready to register. 

For the smoothest experience, we recommend reading 5-Steps for a Great Online Guitar Lessons for Kids Experience.



Below is a sample free guitar lesson for kids. In this case, we call it Learning The Mighty Power Chord. You can click on this link to see the single-page curriculum that goes with the video below. 



Sign up for Rock Dojo guitar lessons today. Want to learn more? Check out Rock Dojo’s FAQs and learn how our colored-belt systems works (here’s a hint: it’s like karate and you graduate with a black belt). Do you have a specific question about our guitar lessons for kids? Drop us a line at (503) 484-6417. Sign up for after-school guitar lessons in Portland, OR, on the Rock Dojo Find a Class page.