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The Looong-Term Benefits of Guitar Lessons for Kids

Most parents agree that extra-curricular activities and creative outlets are healthy for our kids. Did you know that guitar lessons and music training, in general, go a step further? When you give your kids guitar lessons now, they benefit all the way through their senior years.  The Other 90 Percent of Your Brain Unlike any […]

Save Music Education for Kids. One Kid at a Time. Your Kid!

  Music education is usually the first target when it comes to deciding what to cut. 2008 saw the biggest cut in music education and it has continued to drop over the last decade. While the debate among policymakers spans several interests and arguments, most agree that music is important. Music lessons and specifically Rock […]

Arts In Education Week

  On September 5, 2019, Oregon State Governor, Kate Brown, proclaimed this week Arts in Education Week!   Why is Arts Education So Vital to Today’s Kids?   According to State Governor, Kate Brown, arts education helps students: Promote creative self-expression enabling meaningful individual expression. Engage their creative imagination through whole-child learning. Improve their ability […]