Arts In Education Week

Oregon Arts Proclimation


On September 5, 2019, Oregon State Governor, Kate Brown, proclaimed this week Arts in Education Week!


Why is Arts Education So Vital to Today’s Kids?


According to State Governor, Kate Brown, arts education helps students:

  • Promote creative self-expression enabling meaningful individual expression.
  • Engage their creative imagination through whole-child learning.
  • Improve their ability to retain knowledge, explore creative problem solving, and build self-reliance and self-worth.


What Disciplines are Included in the Governor’s Proclamation?

According to the Office of the Governor, arts education includes dance, media arts, music, theatre, visual arts, and more.


The Office of the Governor Confirms What We’ve Been Saying All Along

Learning to play a musical instrument is so much bigger than memorizing note names on guitar strings or learning famous rock guitar riffs—however awesome that may be! Learning to play the guitar teaches kids fundamental success and social skills reaping life long benefits.

During our Rock Dojo after-school guitar classes in Portland, OR, it’s true that our students do learn how to play Iron Man! But they also learn how to teach Iron Man and other classic rock guitar songs to other students as they work towards common goals.

It’s also true that they’ll learn fundamental rock guitar techniques. But they’ll also learn how to creatively apply those techniques in order to express themselves through music in ways that words alone cannot capture.

And yes, they’ll learn moveable power chords on the guitar. But the process of learning those power chords will teach them self-confidence and self-worth as they overcome the challenges of learning to play the guitar.




Sign up for Rock Dojo guitar lessons today. Want to learn more? Check out Rock Dojo’s FAQs and learn how our colored-belt systems works (here’s a hint: it’s like karate and you graduate with a black belt). Do you have a specific question about our guitar lessons for kids? Drop us a line at (503) 484-6417. Sign up for after-school guitar lessons in Portland, OR, on the Rock Dojo Find a Class page.