Author: Brian Parham

The Rock Dojo is a 2018 RACC Grant Winner!

  I am so proud to announce the Rock Dojo has been awarded two Regional Arts and Cultural Council (RACC) grants! Who is RACC? Based in Portland, OR, RACC raises money and awareness for individual artists, non-profit arts organizations, and schools who share their core mission to “enrich communities through arts and culture.”  Programs and Services […]

Gamify Your Guitar Lessons for Maximum Impact

Harness the power of games to reach more students, improve student engagement, and grow your guitar teaching studio! The Struggle: Music Theory Like most guitar teachers, I struggled to teach kids basic concepts like how to tune their guitars and how to read guitar tab in large group guitar classes. After a few unsuccessful attempts […]

Three Steps for Being Totally Awesome at Playing Guitar or Anything Else

Believe it or not, you can be awesome at anything you do! Whether it’s math and science, Minecraft, or playing the guitar, simply follow Dr. Tasha Eurich‘s three steps for radical improvement, and you will make the leap from ordinary to extraordinary! Know Thyself According to Dr. Eurich, “most people are completely delusional about their […]

Five Guitarists Every Kid Should Listen To: #4 Albert Lee

  When it comes to legendary rock guitarists, most kids know about the big three: Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Keith Richards. But there has been a pantheon of gifted and innovative guitarists contributing to the evolution of popular music over the years. From blazing bebop and country soloists to soulful blues and jazz players, here […]