mother teaching her daughter the benefits of music education on a guitar.

Why Music Education Is Important

mother teaching her daughter the benefits of music education on a guitar.

Why Is Music Education Important For Children? 

The Rock Dojo team is dedicated to helping children on the path to rock n’ roll! Parents, as summer comes to an end and your attention turns back to your child’s education, we urge you to consider the importance of music education and the role it can play in helping your child to grow. While rockin’ out on the guitar is lots of fun, fun isn’t all guitar playing as to offer your child! 

Read Interviews With Renowned Musicians About The Importance Of Music Education 

The Rock Dojo’s Brian Parham has interviewed several incredible musicians about the importance of music and music education. We all know that early education can make a huge difference in your child’s development – but music education has a role to play too. Learn more about what these awesome musicians have to say about music education. 

Lisa James Interview: Music And Community Connection 

Lisa James, one of the most sought-after singer-songwriters in Portland, talks with Brain about how music can help you connect to your community and to your family. Even her own daughter’s interest in music has brought them closer. “It’s been so inspirational for me, and it’s made our bond so much closer to be able to sing and play guitar together.” Read more in “Why Is Music Important? Interview with Lisa James.” 

Angus Clark Interview: What Music Has To Offer Kids 

Angus Clark is the lead guitarist for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, has performed with several well-known musicians, and has performed regularly on Broadway. To top it all off, he is also a music educator – which makes him the perfect candidate for talking about how music education can benefit kids. When asked about what music has to offer kids, he spoke of his own experiences. 

“Music created this whole space for me to explore my feelings about things. As it became something that I knew how to do. It became a lot about how I put myself out into the world.” 

Learn more about what Angus Clark has to say about music education in “Why Is Music Important? Interview with Angus Clark.” 

Keep your eyes peeled for more cool interviews on the Rock Dojo blog and on our YouTube channel! We’re pumped to talk about music education with these incredible professionals as well as with Rock Dojo parents. 

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