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Top 3 Guitar Songs from Taylor Swift’s “Evermore”

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For kids who learn to play the guitar, Taylor Swift is a role model who inspires them to play and compose on their instrument. With this poetic and intimate album, Taylor Swift’s Evermore goes deep in the journey of heartbreaks, friendships, and lost connections. The album was produced in a surprising collaboration with Aaron Dresner and offered gems songs to play on the guitar. Our top 3 favorite songs from the album are:

1. Nobody, No Crime (feat. HAIM)

Chords: Bb/D, Csus4, Bb, F, Dm, C

Taylor Swift was inspired to collaborate with HAIM for this ballad full of energy, country roots, and revenge. Although “Nobody, No Crime’s” intention is cold-blooded, the song’s heart is about friendship, loyalty, and sisterhood. Fans will love the steady pacing of the song and the film noir narrative.

2. Willow

Chords: Em, D, C, G, Am, Bm

“Willow” is the first song of the album and a gorgeous introduction to the album. The guitar voicing is elegant and fits over a chill groove. Willow is about the ebb and flow of longing for someone. The song is about pursuing love and accepting to get lost in the journey. It’s about complex motions and repeated patterns. Willow is a beautiful choice for opening the Album. The chords are easy for beginner guitar players.

3. ‘Tis the Damn Season

Chords: Em, C, D, Am, G, Bm, B7

“‘This the Damn Season” has a classic heartbreak feel. The chord progression is simple yet efficient. The song is easy to play for beginner guitar players. The song is both haunting and hopeful, consistent with the album’s mood of past love and self-reflection.

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Sophie Parham
Sophie Parham

Sophie Parham is the Co-founder of the Rock Dojo. She grew up in France where she began playing the violin at age three and fell in love with the guitar later on. She has been teaching music in Northeast Portland and shares her passion for the guitar with students between ages 6 and 12.

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