Rock Dojo Students of the Month | September 2019

Rock Dojo Students of the Month | September 2019
Caleb (left), Micah (right)
At the Rock Dojo, we love to reward our students’ hard work, positive attitude, and musical progress on the guitar. Whether they’re helping other students during the Rock Dojo after-school group guitar classes in Portland, OR, or meticulously tracking their progress in the practice room, our students of the month have excelled in the classroom and the practice room setting positive examples as role models and team players for the classmates.

Student of the Month Criteria

Academic Criteria:

  • The student comes to his/her after-school classes, private guitar lessons, or group guitar classes prepared and ready to learn.
  • The student exhibits a strong command of the musical concepts being taught in class as demonstrated by earning at least two-stripes on his/her Rock Dojo colored guitar strap.
  • The student is working to his/her full potential.

Leadership & Teamwork Criteria:

  • The student is a positive role model.
  • The student helps his/her classmates during the Rock Dojo after-school group guitar classes or at home.
  • The student has a positive attitude, follows directions, and demonstrates a strong character.

Meet the Students of the Month | September 2019

Congratulations to Caleb and Micah, the Rock Dojo students of the month! Over the course of just four private lessons, these siblings learned:
  • How to tune the guitar.
  • The parts of the guitar.
  • Moveable power chords.
  • Five songs including “Iron Man,” “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll,” & “Brain Stew.”
When asked what he likes most about playing the guitar, 9-year-old Caleb says, “I like that the guitar is loud, and I like the way it sounds with distortion!” 

As for advice for other students, 12-year-old Micah says, “Always work on your finger exercises because it’s really hard to get a right note, but if you can use your other fingers it makes it a lot easier.”

Both Micah and Caleb earned four-stripes on their white belt, which means they’ll be receiving their yellow belts at the start of the next lesson.

In other words, Micah and Caleb, “You rock!”
Your kid can get a black belt in rock, too!


Sign up for Rock Dojo after-school guitar lessons today. Want to learn more? Check out Rock Dojo’s FAQs and learn how our colored-belt systems works (here’s a hint: it’s like karate and you graduate with a black belt). Do you have a specific question about our guitar lessons for kids? Drop us a line at (503) 484-6417.