The Rock Dojo Student of the Month | August 2019

At the Rock Dojo, we love to reward our students’ hard work, positive attitude, and musical progress on the guitar. Whether they’re helping other students during the Rock Dojo after-school group guitar classes in Portland, OR, or meticulously tracking their progress in the practice room, our students of the month have excelled in the classroom and the practice room setting positive examples as role models and team players for the classmates.

Student of the Month Criteria

Academic Criteria:

  • The student comes to his/her after-school classes, private guitar lessons, or group guitar classes prepared and ready to learn.
  • The student exhibits a strong command of the musical concepts being taught in class as demonstrated by earning at least two-stripes on his/her Rock Dojo colored guitar strap.
  • The student is working to his/her full potential.

Leadership & Teamwork Criteria:

  • The student is a positive role model.
  • The student helps his/her classmates during the Rock Dojo after-school group guitar classes or at home.
  • The student has a positive attitude, follows directions, and demonstrates a strong character.

Meet the Student of the Month | August 2019

Congratulations to Donovan, our student of the month!
Donovan holds a special place in our hearts because he’s a great student, and he’s also the first-ever Rock Dojo bass guitarist! As a member of the Abernethy Elementary after-school program, Donovan consistently brings:
  • A great groove.
  • A professional touch.
  • Leadership and teamwork.

Donovan earned his red belt with three-stripes during his private lessons this summer. That means, he’s just one stripe away from graduating to the black belt! 

To earn his stripes, Donovan demonstrated a mastery of basic rhythms passing two levels of rhythm exercises on Ear Master Pro. In addition, he played a challenging finger exercise forward and backward using every combination of basic rhythms covered during his private guitar lessons and after-school classes. Finally, Donovan learned the guitar solo-section of Pink Floyd’s timeless classic, “Money.”

Suffice to say, “You ROCK, Donovan!”


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