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Should My 6-Year-Old Start Lessons With An Electric Guitar?

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Is Your 6 Year Old Interested In Guitar? 

Although 6 years old may seem too young to begin guitar lessons, it is never a bad idea to encourage your child’s interest in music. Parents, if you’re asking yourself if you should let your 6-year-old start electric guitar lessons, the answer is yes! If your child has taken interest in electric guitar and the art of rock, then 6 years old is an excellent age to start guitar lessons for beginners. Encourage their passion and help them start on the path to earn their black belt in guitar playing! 

Rock Dojo Helps Your 6 Year Old Begin Their Rock Journey! 

Don’t worry if you feel a little lost helping your child begin their first electric guitar lessons. In addition to teaching electric guitar for beginners, Rock Dojo has guides to help parents and children figure out how to start. For example, your child will need the right tools to climb the path to rock n’ roll ninjahood. Or, in this case, the right instrument. 

What All Does My Child Need For Beginner Electric Guitar Lessons? 

If your child wants to start lessons for the electric guitar – learning how to make it howl and snarl with a strum of their fingers – then you’ll need to make sure you have the following: 

  • A correctly sized electric guitar 
  • An amp 
  • An instrument cable 

How Can I Find An Electric Guitar For My 6 Year Old? 

When getting your child’s first electric guitar, the sizing is important. Rock Dojo is here to make sure parents find the right electric guitar for their 6-year-old children to learn to rock out on! Children who are 6 years old have an average height of about 3’9”. 6-year-old children at 3’9” or shorter should use a ¼ size electric guitar. If your child is a little taller than an average 6-year-old – for example, between 3’10” and 4’5” – they’ll need a ½ size electric guitar. Once they have an electric guitar sized just right for them, they’ll be ready to start earning their first Rock Dojo belt level! 

Sign Your Kids Up For Online Guitar Lessons 

The Rock Dojo is an award-winning guitar program for kids in Portland, OR. Online guitar lessons are the safest and most effective method for learning to play the guitar during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can register your kid now for our online group guitar classes for kids and private guitar lessons for kids

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