Rock Dojo Student of the Month | November 2019

Rock Dojo Student of the Month

At the Rock Dojo, we love rewarding students for their hard work and achievements. That’s why we choose one student per month who worked hard in the practice room, helped others in the classroom, and set a positive example for other students! In other words, meet the student who rocked hardest on the guitar and in the classroom this November!

Student of the Month Criteria

Academic Criteria:

  • The student comes to his/her after-school classes, private guitar lessons, or group guitar classes prepared and ready to learn.
  • The student exhibits a strong command of the musical concepts being taught in class as demonstrated by earning at least two-stripes on his/her Rock Dojo colored guitar strap.
  • The student is working to his/her full potential.

Leadership & Teamwork Criteria:

  • The student is a positive role model.
  • The student helps his/her classmates during the Rock Dojo after-school group guitar classes or at home.
  • The student has a positive attitude, follows directions, and demonstrates a strong character.


Meet the Student of the Month | November 2019

Congratulations to Ezra, the Rock Dojo student of the month! Ezra has been learning to play the guitar for the last nine-weeks in our after-school program at Alameda Elementary School. Since enrolling into our after-school guitar lessons for kids, Ezra has learned:
  • How to read guitar tab.
  • The name of the open strings.
  • One group guitar ensemble song.
  • One finger exercise for left-hand dexterity, strength, and speed.
  • How to play Iron Man, Smoke on the Water, Seven Nation Army, & I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll on the guitar.
When you hear Ezra play the guitar, the first thing you may notice is his impeccable sense of groove and steady foot stomp. This third grader attributes his sense of time to his drum lessons, which he started before enrolling in the Rock Dojo after-school guitar lessons for kids. 
Ezra has some advice for kids who are just learning to play the guitar. He says, “When you pick up the guitar, you’re going to be tempted to strum all the strings, but maybe you should focus on pressing down your fingers and getting clean notes.”
When asked what he likes most about the Rock Dojo after-school guitar lessons, he says, “I like learning songs because they’re really helpful. When I first started out, I learned a few chords, and I would test it out and what sound they would make if I mixed them up with each other. But now, I’m learning songs, which I think is really fun!”
Suffice to say, Ezra is well on his way to earning his black belt in rock!
Your kid can get a black belt in rock, too!
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