Online Guitar Lessons For Kids: How To Practice

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The Rock Dojo team has a passion for rock that we love to share with our students. Over the past year, we’ve made our guitar lessons all the more accessible by offering online guitar lessons for kids. Now, we’re taking it one step further to offer the most convenient online guitar lessons for beginners ever! 

12 Lessons, 14 Videos, All On-Demand 

This new online course is made for kids who are just starting on their rock n’ roll journey. Perfect for kids as young as age 6, our online White Belt guitar lessons include 12 lessons and 14 videos that you can access at your convenience. Your kid can learn easily from home or wherever you have internet access. Rock on wherever you are! 

Why Choose Rock Dojo? 

The Rock Dojo program is built around an award-winning curriculum that has a proven track record. With these on-demand guitar lessons, your kid can learn at their own pace and around your busy schedule! 

Learning How To Practice 

Any ninja on the path to Black Belt greatness knows that they have to practice their skills regularly. The more you practice, the better you’ll become. Guitar sensei Brian will help your child learn the best ways to practice their guitar playing. In addition to helping them along the path to gaining their White Belt in guitar playing and beyond, learning to practice will teach them self-discipline skills that will come in handy in other aspects of their lives too! 

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The Rock Dojo is an award-winning guitar program for kids in Portland, OR. Online guitar lessons are the safest and most effective method for learning to play the guitar during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can register your kid now for our online group guitar classes for kids and private guitar lessons for kids. We also now offer on-demand online guitar lessons for kids starting at the White Belt level!