Is Guitar the Best First Musical Instrument for Children to Learn?

6 year old playing guitar as his first musical instrument

Parents, like you, already know the many benefits of your kid learning an instrument. However, we do have a rundown of ALL the benefits in an earlier post, “The Looong term Benefits of Guitar Lessons for Kids.”  

In this post, we are going make the case for your kid’s first instrument and even compare the guitar to the other popular first instrument—the piano.

What is a Foundation Instrument?

Both the Piano and the Guitar are considered the top two foundation instruments. A foundation instrument is an instrument that is intuitive to play with skills that are transferable to other instruments. Both piano and guitar are ideal first instruments, but there are few reasons why your kids will appreciate the guitar. We will share three.

#1 Learn Songs Faster with Guitar

One of the fundamentals of music theory and are chords. Chords are multiple notes played together to make harmonies. Every song has them. On a guitar, you learn chords as shapes and are able to play your favorite songs immediately.  On a piano to learn chords, you will have to learn triads first, which include a root note and the third and the fifth. You will also have to find the root note on a lower octave for your left hand. It’s a lot to take in when your kid just wants to learn how to play their favorite song.  Your kid can learn how to play Smoke on the Water in 3 minutes.

#2 Easier to Practice with Guitar

Guitars are without a doubt more portable. Sure, some keyboards are portable, but you are still missing some notes. A guitar has ALL the notes. Plus carrying around a guitar also makes the instrument more personal adding to your kid’s identity. Another plus to the portable guitar is your kid can practice almost anywhere and they will.

#3 Guitars are More Fun and Cooler

Pianos are very cool. Drums are cool. Trumpets, saxophones, and violins are all cool. Anybody playing music is cool. Because of reason #1 and #2 above the guitar might be the coolest. For kids, they love the instant gratification of learning a song quickly and being able to play it anywhere they can take their guitar. This is a huge plus and encourages them to work harder on their skills.

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