Interstellar Overdrive – For Group Guitar Classes & Private Lessons


Kids Group Guitar Class

In this lesson, you’re going to learn how to play all four guitar parts of Interstellar Overdrive. If you’re  a guitar instructor interested in leveraging your time and reaching more students teaching group guitar classes for kids, this lesson is perfect for you!

Interstellar Overdrive: A Group Guitar Study for Kids

Interstellar Overdrive features a simple bass part played on the fifth and sixth string, root 6 & root 5 moveable power chords, a tricky organ part for more experienced students, and a simple melody on the B & E strings.

Interstellar Overdrive Multiple Guitar Parts

Basic Rhythms: Quarter Notes & 8th Notes

The bass part is perfect for teaching students the basic rhythms: quarter notes and 8th notes. In my experience, the school systems use the Kodály Method (ta for quarter note, or ti-ti for eighth note), so it’s usually a good idea to build upon your students’ current knowledge base.

If you’re unfamiliar with this system, click here for a complete overview of the Kodály Method.

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Moveable Power Chords

Power chords are two note chords containing a root note played with your index finger on the 6th (root 6 power chords) or 5th string (root 5 power chords) and a fifth above it played with your pinky or ring finger. Power chords are awesome because they’re transposable, which means you can play any chord with one easy shape: the lazy guitar players’ dream come true!

Root 6 Power Chord

Root 6 G5

Root 5 Power Chord

B5 Power Chord

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