How to Help Your Kid Practice the Guitar

How to help your kid practice the guitar? In this blog post, I’ll answer that question by providing you with my top five tips to help your kid practice the guitar.

And if you stick around to the end of the blog post, I have a FREE bonus for you.

1. Get the Right Size Guitar

Learning to play the guitar is already challenging enough. Don’t make it harder by providing your child with the wrong-sized guitar.

It’s best to try the guitar before buying it. If you do order online, then I suggest the following:

  • For kids between five and seven, get a half-sized guitar.
  • For kids between seven and ten, go with a three-quarter-sized guitar.
  • Get a full-sized guitar for kids eleven years and older.
guitar sizes for kids chart

2. Set up a Practice Space

A great practice room has a guitar, a guitar stand, a guitar tuner, a desk, an armless chair or stool, and an iPad or computer. Most importantly, a great practice room is a space where your kid can focus on practicing the guitar without distractions.

3. Build a Practice Habit

The best way to build the practice habit is to set a consistent time each day dedicated specifically to practicing the guitar. It doesn’t matter if your child practices first thing in the morning, after school, or before bed. The key is consistency.

If you learn one thing from this video, it’s this: learning a musical instrument is not about musical talent, but about deliberately and consistently practicing the guitar over a long period of time.

That’s the key to musical success. And it all starts with building the practice habit.

4. Establish a Practice Routine

I recommend splitting up your child’s guitar practice sessions as follows:

  • Warm-Up
  • Scales
  • Chords
  • Songs
  • Listen to Music

Obviously, the more your child practices, the better he/she will get. That said, 15-minutes is a great starting point!

5. Get Help

The best approach for learning to play the guitar is finding a great teacher. You can ask your friends for a recommendation. Search online for top-rated teachers, or go to our website to schedule a lesson with a Rock Dojo instructor or me. You can also download our FREE guitar course for kids.

Brian Parham
Brian Parham

Brian Parham is the founder and creator of the Rock Dojo, an award-winning guitar program for kids. He’s also the author of three guitar method books for kids, the 2018 Teacher of the Year by, the 2018 Rising Star of Oregon by the Small Business Administration, and an award-winning artist. He’s currently pursuing an Advanced Professional Guitar Certification from Berklee School of Music. When he’s not rocking out on the guitar, Brian enjoys reading comic books, binge-watching Cobra Kai, and spending time with his wife.

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