Author: Brian Parham

Social Benefits Of Music Education For Kids

Online Guitar Lessons For Kids Available Now  Thanks to Rock Dojo, getting online music lessons for kids has never been easier. Rock Dojo offers online, on-demand guitar lessons for kids ages 6 to 12. Your child can further their music education from the comfort of your home. No more rushing to get to music lessons when you […]

Is Music Education In Schools Important? 

Rock Dojo Gets Kids Excited For Music Education  Parents, are you looking for a creative outlet for your kids? Hoping to get them excited about extracurricular activities during the school year? Rock Dojo is here for you! We’re eager to help get your kids excited about learning music with our top-notch online guitar lessons for kids. Sign your […]

How to Improve Your Guitar Playing

How to Improve Your Guitar Playing How do you improve your guitar playing? That’s a great question! In fact, I hear this question a lot from students and their parents. In this blog post, I’ll show you how improving your guitar playing is a lot like an avocado seed, and I’ll also provide five practical […]

Learn Why Music Education Is Important 

Early Music Education Helps Your Children Get Ahead  Here at Rock Dojo, we’re dedicated to helping young soon-to-be rockstars reach their potential on the guitar. Has your child shown an interest in music? If you’re looking for a good extracurricular activity for your child this school year, then Rock Dojo could be the choice for you. […]

When Should Kids Start Learning Guitar?

When Should Kids Start Learning Guitar? When should kids start learning guitar? Well, it depends. That’s because there are two different types of learning: formal learning and informal learning. Let’s take a deeper dive into both of these learning types. Get your child started playing the guitar the right way with the Rock Dojo free […]

What Age Should Children Begin Music Education?

Rock Dojo Offers Top-Notch Online On-Demand Music Education For Kids  Parents, are you looking to get your kid involved in a fun extracurricular activity this school year? Do you want to give them the opportunity to really expand their horizons and learn new things? Then consider online guitar lessons with Rock Dojo! Rock Dojo offers the #1 […]

How to Motivate Your Child to Practice Guitar

This simple three-step process will teach you how to motivate your child to practice guitar or any other instrument. Get your child some extra motivation with Rock Dojo online guitar lessons for kids. You Just Signed Your Child Up For Guitar Lessons You signed your child up for guitar lessons, picked out a great guitar, […]

What Are The Benefits Of Music Education For Kids? 

Why Kids Benefit From Music Education  Here at Rock Dojo, the staff and students alike are dedicated to the pursuit of the art of rock n’ roll! Learning to play guitar at Rock Dojo is about more than just playing totally sick riffs, though. The Rock Dojo’s guitar sensei, Brian Parham, is a firm believer in the […]

Music Education Benefits: Music And Coordination 

Guitar Lessons For Children Aged 6-12 Available Through Rock Dojo  Parents, as your kids are getting settled in for the new school year, are you thinking about what extracurricular activities would be best for them? Do you want to enroll them in an activity that is fun but that also benefits their education? Does your child express […]