Are Their Guitar Lessons Available for 5-Year-Olds?

You May Want to Wait a Year for Guitar Lessons 

There are exceptions to every rule. And who knows? Your child could be the next Mozart. Generally speaking, 6 is the better age for your child to start guitar lessons. For some parents 6 seems early, but it is not too early. Cognitively speaking, which is a fancy way to say the way kids think, at 6, kids have a stronger ability to piece together lessons themselves. At 5 they may be able to memorize a lesson and repeat the steps—but they don’t necessarily internalize it. If you have ever crammed for a test, you know how quickly what you “learned” fades.  

Guitar Lessons for a 6-Year-Old  

Earlier we mentioned some parents think 6 is too early. Some guitar instructors think so too. Based on our award winning Rock Dojo curriculum and experience, we find 6 is the perfect age to start. There is a huge leap in the ability to focus. At that age they are also more certain about their interests. A strong interest in learning guitar is essential.  

How Do You Know Your Kid Is Ready? 

Again, a strong interest is key. There are a few other items you want to check to see if they are ready.  

  1. Can they focus for 30-40 minutes at a time? Guitar lessons is not just about learning how to play a riff. It requires focus to play the same chords over and over.  
  1. Do they have enough discipline to practice? Guitar lessons do not stop at the end of each class. Lessons continue between each guitar lesson. The more your kids practice the more they get out of each lesson.    
  1. Do they have finger dexterity? There are many solutions around the physical challenges a small hand may have playing a guitar. In fact, the guitar lessons will help them build up finger strength. However, dexterity is an important skill to have. Most kids already have these skills if they own an electronic device or play video games.  

How Do I Know I am Ready as a Parent? 

The biggest way you can support your child in learning the guitar is giving them time and space to practice. Depending on the child you may need to give them a nudge to practice once in a while. Our guitar lessons are not just designed for kids, but for parents as well. If you kid is ready, you are too.  

Sign Your Kids Up for Online Guitar Lessons 

The Rock Dojo is an award-winning guitar program for kids in Portland, OR. Online guitar lessons are the safest and most effective method for learning to play the guitar during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can register your kid now for our online group guitar classes for kids and private guitar lessons for kids. You can also try our FREE workshop, which happens once per month. 

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