Rock Dojo Belt System is five levels of guitar achievements represented by the White, Yellow, Green, Red, and Black Levels.

Unlocking Guitar: Rock Dojo’s Unique Belt System

Rock Dojo offers a comprehensive guitar curriculum for aspiring musicians of all levels. The unique belt system allows students to progress from white to black belt, mastering the essential skills of guitar playing.

White Belt Course: Building a Solid Foundation

In the White Belt course, students embark on their guitar journey and learn the basics that set the groundwork for future success. They’ll cover fundamental skills such as how to hold the guitar, understand its parts, and read guitar tabs. Additionally, students will dive into open power chords and riffs on the low E-string, establishing a solid foundation for their musical journey.

Video Tutorial: Understanding the Guitar

In this introductory video lesson from the White Belt course, I guide students through the parts of the guitar. This video is enriched with on-screen graphics and illustrative elements, making it easier for students to familiarize themselves with the different parts of the guitar. Learning the anatomy of the instrument is a fundamental stepping stone in your journey to becoming a rockstar. Don’t miss out on this crucial first step!

Yellow Belt Course: Exploring the World of Rock Guitar

As students progress to the Yellow Belt course, they delve into rock guitar. They’ll be introduced to movable power chords and pentatonic scales, essential for creating captivating rock solos and riffs. This course empowers students to unlock their creativity and build their musical expressions.

Green Belt Course: Mastering Strumming and Open Chords

The Green Belt course focuses on developing strumming skills and mastering open chords. Students will learn five must-know strum patterns, enabling them to play rhythmically and bring their favorite songs to life. Additionally, they’ll explore open chords, major scales, and classic melodies, expanding their musical repertoire and versatility.

Red Belt Course: Unleashing the Art of Guitar Soloing

In the Red Belt course, students embark on an exciting journey to learn the art of guitar soloing. They’ll learn three must-know rock guitar licks, infusing their solos with style and iconic sounds. Additionally, they’ll dive into two note-for-note solos, honing their technical skills and learning the secrets behind captivating guitar solos. This course is perfect for students ready to take their playing to the next level.

Black Belt Course: Conquering the Fretboard and Becoming a True Guitar Master

The Black Belt course marks a step into guitar mastery. Here, students unlock the fretboard through the CAGED system, comprehensively understanding the guitar’s layout. They’ll embark on fun scale exercises, enabling them to navigate the fretboard with ease and confidence. This ultimate guitar education experience is designed for students who aspire to become true guitar heroes.

Complete Series: A Journey to Guitar Mastery

The Complete Series is the ultimate online guitar lessons for kids program, offering a comprehensive guitar education experience from the White to Black Belt courses. Students will learn all the essential skills of guitar playing, from reading music to playing chords, scales, and solos. Trusted by parents and loved by kids, this course equips students with the skills, knowledge, and ability to become proficient with the guitar.

Rock Dojo’s Belt System Motivates Kids to Practice Guitar

With Rock Dojo’s unique belt system, kids are motivated to reach new heights in guitar learning. From the foundational White Belt course to the ultimate challenge of the Black Belt course, students progress through a comprehensive curriculum that ensures a well-rounded musical education.

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