The Perfect Guitar for Kids: Ibanez’s Paul Gilbert Signature MIKRO Electric Guitar

PGM Mikro Electric Guitar

If you’re looking for the perfect electric guitar for your kid—or the kid in you, then look no further than the Ibanez Paul Gilbert Signature MIKRO electric guitar.

Ibanez Guitars

Since 1957, Ibanez has been building some of the finest and most affordable guitars on the planet. Combining sleek necks, with powerful pickups, and comfortable bodies, Ibanez has been the guitar brand of choice for guitar royalty like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Paul Stanley since the 1980s.  

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Paul Gilbert

World renown for his virtuosic guitar style, Paul Gilbert helped define the age of shred guitar in the 1980s with his band Racer X and later Mr. Big. Today, Mr. Gilbert is one of the most respected guitarists and music educators on the planet. 


What’s So Great About the PGM MIKRO Electric Guitar?

Ibanez guitars are built for speed, and their wizard necks are the stuff of legend. Fortunately, the PGM MIKRO Electric Guitar is no exception. Featuring a sleek 22.2-inch maple neck, passive Infinity pickups, and a single volume control, the PGM MIKRO Electric Guitar is the perfect guitar for younger guitarists with smaller hands.



PGM Mikro Electric Guitar

MSRP $199.99



Perfect traveling guitar

Its shorter (22.2-inch) scale is perfect for kids

Great for big stretches

Play Rock, blues, metal & everything else!

Short scales makes big bends easy!

Built for speed! 🙂

Fast neck for shredding!

The cool factor

If it’s good for Paul Gilbert,

then it’s good for me!

Perfect to get into a band

Inspire every kid in the neighborhood

to play guitar!


PGM MIKRO Electric Guitar + Roland Micro Cube = Rock Star Gear for Kids!

At $199, the PGM MIKRO Electric Guitar is an absolute steal! I suggest pairing it with the Roland Micro Cube ($149) and the Ibanez IGBMIKRO Powerpad Mikro Guitar Gig Bag ($19.99) for the ultimate guitar rig for kids!




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