The Danelectro Hodad DH1 Mini Amp: The Perfect Starter Amp for Kids


Choosing a guitar amp can be expensive and confusing.  With so many makes and models, its no wonder parents often forsake the electric guitar altogether and purchase an acoustic model instead.  But if your kid is dreaming of rocking out like Angus Young or Jack White, an acoustic guitar just isn’t going to get cut it.

That’s why the Danelectro Hodad DH1 Mini Amp is the perfect choice for kids. After all, it’s small, it’s durable, and it rocks.  Not too mention, it’s pretty dang affordable too.

Priced around $45, the Danelectro DH-1 Hodad Mini Amp features twin speakers, gain and tone controls, a vintage-style tremolo control, and an echo effect. Because it’s powered by a 9V battery–or the Hodad DH1 Power Supply, this amp is perfect for jamming on the run. And better yet, it’s about the size of a large sandwich, so the Hodad will fit comfortably into your backpack with tons of left over space for your books.

While the distortion isn’t as crunchy as some of the other mini amp models, and the volume isn’t as loud as its cousin–the Danelectro Honey Tone, the tremolo and echo effects make the Hodad the perfect amp for any of anyone looking to capture the rockabilly and surf tones of the fifties and sixties.

Click the link below to hear the Hodad in action.

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