Rock Dojo student Eva proudly holding White and Yellow Belt certificates alongside Guitar Sensei Brian Parham

Rock Dojo Student Success Story: Eva

Rock Dojo student Eva proudly holding White and Yellow Belt certificates alongside Guitar Sensei Brian Parham

Today, we’re excited to share the remarkable journey of Eva, a 9-year-old Rock Dojo student who has earned both her White Belt and Yellow Belt! Eva’s passion, dedication, and achievements make her an inspiration for other young aspiring musicians.

Rock Dojo Student Eva’s Success Story: White Belt and Beyond

Please join me in congratulating Eva on her outstanding accomplishments at the Rock Dojo after-school guitar program. Eva completed the Rock Dojo White Belt online guitar course and advanced to the Yellow Belt level! Both achievements demonstrate her commitment to learning and improving her guitar skills.

Eva’s Growth as a Rock Dojo Student: Gradual Improvement

Eva started playing the guitar for the first time at Rock Dojo and has come a long way since then. Now in her third term, she can play famous riffs, open chords, and power chords. Moreover, Evan can even perform as part of a guitar ensemble! Eva’s journey is proof that dedication and hard work pay off.

Rock Dojo Student Eva’s Thoughts on the Online Course

“I liked practicing the songs,” Eva shared, “and I learned the blues scale.” She also had a bit of advice for fellow students: “Make sure your Mom doesn’t bother you while you go through the online course.” Eva found the online course enjoyable and rewarding.

Celebrating Rock Dojo Student Achievements with Certificates and Wristbands

Every student who enrolls in the Rock Dojo after-school program receives a complimentary Rock Dojo online course. Upon completing the online course, students receive a certificate of completion and a colored wristband. With five belt levels to achieve, Eva is on her way to mastering the guitar.

Supporting Your Child’s Rock Dojo Journey

We are incredibly proud of Eva’s progress and success in the Rock Dojo guitar program. We wish her continued success in her musical journey and look forward to watching her grow as a guitarist. Keep rocking, Eva! 🤟🏽

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