Meet The Rock Dojo’s First Black Belt Student


Rock Dojo's First Black Belt Student

The Rock Dojo is proud to introduce its first black belt student: Rose, 12-years old.

Rock Dojo History

Two years ago, we launched the Rock Dojo dreaming of sharing our passion for the guitar with kids. We designed the most innovative guitar learning system on the planet to reward our students with colored stripes and straps representing their musical achievements and encouraging them to work harder on the guitar. 

What Does the Black Belt Represent?

Over the course of 2-years learning to play the guitar, Rose mastered five must know musical concepts for kids, composed four original compositions, and performed half-a-dozen songs on the guitar. Her original composition, Attack of the Sun Dragon, is an all-time Rock Dojo classic!

Rose’s Advice for Kids Learning to Play the Guitar

For those kids dreaming of earning their black belt with the Rock Dojo, Rose has some advice, “Listen to music every day, practice your finger exercises, and try to memorize songs.” 


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