Rock Dojo's curriculum teaches kids between six and twelve years old how to rock on the guitar!

Master Guitar Skills with Rock Dojo’s Curriculum

Rock Dojo's curriculum teaches kids between six and twelve years old how to rock on the guitar!

Embarking on a musical journey can be an exciting and rewarding experience for kids. We designed Rock Dojo’s curriculum to help kids develop essential guitar skills and have fun while learning. Students graduate at belt levels as they progress through Rock Dojo’s martial arts style belt system.

Building a Solid Foundation: Understanding the Guitar and Basic Techniques with Rock Dojo’s Curriculum

Rock Dojo’s curriculum starts at the white belt level by familiarizing kids with the different parts of the guitar and teaching them essential techniques such as open power chords and riffs on the low E-string.

Developing Core Skills: Scales, Power Chords, and Songs with Rock Dojo’s Curriculum

As students progress through the yellow and green belt curriculum, they learn every note on the A and E strings, movable power chords, and the pentatonic and blues scales. In addition, students will learn finger exercises for practice, nine must-know open chords, and five basic strumming patterns.

Expanding Techniques: Major Scales, Rock Soloing, and Advanced Techniques with Rock Dojo’s Curriculum

At the red belt level, students to the major scale, the basics of rock soloing, and advanced techniques such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends, slides, and vibrato. In addition, students will learn new finger exercises and pentatonic sequences to improve their guitar technique and two fun guitar solos.

Mastering the Fretboard: Barre Chords, CAGED Scales, and Melodic Patterns for Rock Dojo’s Curriculum

In the final stage of Rock Dojo’s curriculum, represented by the black belt, students learn barre chords and the CAGED system, which helps them understand the guitar fretboard more deeply. They also discover two more guitar solos, CAGED scales, and melodic patterns.

Supplemental Tools to Master Guitar Skills

In addition to the step-by-step curriculum, Rock Dojo provides students with various supplemental tools to help them master guitar skills effectively. These include professionally produced videos, student handbooks, practice charts, and interactive quizzes.

Professionally Produced Videos

The videos provide an immersive and engaging learning experience that makes it easy for students to follow along with the lessons.

Sample Lesson: Parts of the Guitar

In this video lesson from the Rock Dojo white belt, I teach students the parts of the guitar. The video includes onscreen graphics and illustrations to help students master the parts of the guitar, an essential first step in learning how to rock!

Student Handbooks

The student handbooks help learners review and reinforce concepts covered in the videos, making it easier to retain information and build a strong foundation in guitar playing.

Rock Dojo's curriculum helps kids learn how to play the guitar!

Practice Charts

The practice charts help students track their progress and stay motivated, enabling them to see how far they’ve come in their guitar-playing journey.

guitar practice charts for kids
Practice charts are a great tool for charting your guitar progress.

Interactive Quizzes

The interactive quizzes provide a fun way to test knowledge and ensure that students understand the concepts covered in each lesson.

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