How Often Should I Change My Guitar Strings?

11-Year Old Changes His Guitar Strings Like a Pro!

When it comes to rocking out on the guitar, few things sound—or feel—better under your fingertips than a new set of strings!  While you can always squeeze more life out of your guitar strings, you’ll still need to routinely change them. 

So how do you know when you should change your guitar strings and why? 

Why Should You Change Your Guitar Strings?

A new set of strings feels and sounds great. They add brightness, clarity, and crispness to your overall sound. Most importantly, a new set of guitar strings feels great under your fingertips, inspiring you to practice longer and more often than a set of rusty, old strings!

It’s Time to Change Your Guitar Strings When . . . 

  • The strings sound dull.
  • It’s difficult to get the guitar in tune.
  • It won’t stay in tune!
  • The strings are rusty and discolored.
  • A string breaks.
  • The strings feel gross!
  • You haven’t changed the strings since you bought the guitar!

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As a General Rule of Thumb

On average, you should probably change your guitar strings every three months, but every guitarist is different.

If you own a guitar but never play, you’ll still need to change your strings once a year. If you’re a touring guitarist, you never have to change your strings because you have a guitar tech, you lucky dog!

So which guitarist are you?

Type of Guitarist

How Often?

Touring Guitarist

Every gig.

Gigging Guitarist

Once a week.

Semi-Professional Guitarist

Once a month.

Average Guitarist

Every three months.

Plays-It-Once-in-a-While Guitarist

Every six months.

Owns-a-Guitar-But-Never-Plays-It Guitarist

Once a year.  


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