Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

  As the coronavirus sweeps across the United States, public schools in twelve states including Oregon have shut down. As a result, all Portland Public School after-school activities have been canceled effective March 12th through April 13th.   Educational Activities for Kids As the public school systems are shutting down, it’s more critical than ever […]

The 750-Hour Guitar Practice Challenge!

  If you follow this blog, then you know there is only one sure-fire way to improve your guitar playing: practice. In fact, your guitar playing skills are directly proportional to two factors: the quality of your focus as you practice and the quantity (or the total number of hours) of your guitar practice. Since […]

Rock Dojo Students of the Month | January 2020

  Each month, we highlight one or two students who rocked the hardest during our after-school group guitar classes in Portland, Oregon. Think of it as a digital fist bump to those students who practiced hardest, helped others the most, and set a positive example for their classmates.   Student of the Month Criteria Academic […]