Theta Music Trainer – Earn Your Musical Black Belt Faster and Easier Than Ever Before

Are you on the path towards earning your black belt at The Ultimate Rock Guitar Dojo for Kids? Well, Theta Music Trainer can make the journey towards musical mastery easier and more fun than ever before.

Product Description: Featuring 43-games covering sound, pitch, rhythm, scales, and more, Theta Music Trainer is a complete system for sharpening your ear and improving your command of music theory.

While the ear training market is chalk full of great websites and apps designed for music majors and professional musicians alike, Theta Music Trainer turns the routine into the extraordinary providing ear training games that are fast to learn, fun to play, and exceptional at developing your ear.


As a result, ear training is fun with Theta Music Trainer. The website features games like Parrot Phrase for learning melodies by ear, Flash Rhythms for improving timing, and Band Match for recognizing instrumentation.

Pros: While all 43 of the games are entertaining and effective, Channel Scramble, EQ Match, and Flash Effects were the real stars of the show. Each of the aforementioned games delivers the goods with realistic, high quality samples of actual musicians playing actual instruments. For example, level two of EQ Match features an acoustic guitar strumming the exact same measure of music on two different channels with similar EQ settings. The object of the game is to adjust the EQ settings on the first channel so it exactly matches the EQ settings on the target channel.

EQ Match is the most unique and innovative ear training game to hit the web in years!

Sounds complicated, right? It’s actually incredibly simple. And that’s the genius of Theta Music Trainer. It takes complex subjects—like live mixing—and simplifies it to the extreme. In fact, after 10-minutes of playing EQ Match, I grabbed my Ibanez acoustic/electric guitar, plugged it into my amp, and instantly dialed up lush, balanced tones by ear, a feat I never managed to accomplish in the past.

Plus, Theta Music Trainer utilizes the Japanese-style ‘belt class’ to track progress, record scores, and display your achievements.

Cons: While Theta Music Trainer just might be the best ear training platform available online, it’s certainly not perfect. For instance, Parrot Phrase is slightly too challenging at the early stages. Designed as a straightforward ‘call and response’ game, the computer generates a short melody and the player’s object is to instantly play it back using the online guitar or keyboard. But unlike similar games—like Ear Master Pro’s melodic imitation—utilizing three or four tones at a time in a pedagogical manner, Parrot Phrase makes use of the entire major scale within the first two or three levels of play.

Parrot Phrase
While the concept is excellent, Parrot Phrase may be slightly too difficult during the first few levels.

Consequently, some of you may find Parrot Phrase a bit too challenging on the first few attempts.

Overall: Priced at $49 per year or $7.95 per month, Theta Music Trainer is the perfect ear training solution for anyone on the path towards musical mastery.  It’s simple, intuitive, and wicked good fun!

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