Sam’s Jam: A Call & Response Riff for Beginners

Call and response is one of the easiest techniques to master on the guitar. Begin by playing a simple one bar question on the guitar then answer it with a second riff. Rinse and repeat until the royalty checks to start rolling in.

Sam’s Jam, co-written by 13-year-old Nathan V., is built around a simple call and response guitar riff.  The notes are almost identical in both measures, but the rhythm changes.

Also, the entire song is based on a simple four note box called a blues box. Know it.  Love it.  Be the box.

Blues Box
The 4-Note Blues Box

Finally, the song is written in an ABAB form, and features a major second shift in measure 13. Don’t worry. A major second shift is just a fancy term for move your fingers up to frets and do the exact same thing!

For the full lesson, click on the PDF below:

Sam’s Jam

Backing Track With Guitar 120 BPM

Backing Track Without Guitar 120 BPM


Backing Track With Guitar 90 BPM

Backing Track Without Guitar 90 BPM


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