Free Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

This FREE 50-minute class for kids between 6 and 12-years old is designed to help your child develop fundamental guitar playing skills that will last a lifetime. The topics covered include proper guitar position, how to read guitar tab, the names of the open strings, and so much more. By the end of this lesson, students will have the skills necessary to play their first song on the guitar. Space is limited, so register today!

“My son is a BIG fan of his Rock Dojo lessons with Brian. He is only in 1st grade, but has already been a budding guitarist for a year with Rock Dojo. Brian is super positive and motivating for the students. He is patient and uses positive feedback continuously throughout his lessons.
-Gretchen, Rock Dojo Parent
  “I have been in Brian’s class for two years, and I have really learned a lot. The songs he makes and teaches me are amazing! I have had an amazing experience and admire his belt system. He has inspired me a lot, and if I didn’t have him as a guitar teacher, then I don’t think I would be playing the guitar right now.”
-Ethan, Rock Dojo Student


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As a kid, I had two dreams: rockin’ out on the guitar and kickin’ butt in the martial arts. Unfortunately for my dreams, I grew up in rural Pennsylvania and lacked access to both martial arts and music education. Later, fate intervened placing a guitar in my hands at the tender age of twenty-six, and I have never looked back!

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Sophie Parham is the Co-founder of the Rock Dojo. She grew up in France where she began playing the violin at age three and fell in love with the guitar later on. She has been teaching music in Northeast Portland and shares her passion for the guitar with students between ages 6 and 12.

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