The Best Guitar Gear for Kids!

Congratulations on choosing the guitar! We recommend buying gear according to your learning goals.

1. Best Budget Guitar

The Amigo AM15 Nylon String Guitar is the best budget guitar. It’s affordable, durable, and it sounds great for the price! If you’re just testing the waters and you’re on a budget, the Amigo AM15 is a perfect choice!

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2. Just Trying: Acoustic Starter Pack

My kid has never played guitar before, and I want to keep it affordable and convenient for both of us.

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3. Ready to Rock: Electric Starter Pack


My kid dreams to rock on the electric guitar, and I want to get the best beginner gear on the market.

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4. Rockstar Package: Fender Strat

The is a serious guitar for serious guitar students!

Played by Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Jeff Beck, the Fender Stratocaster is arguably the world’s most iconic rock guitar. This Mexican-made Strat is a serious instrument for serious guitar students. It’s got that world-class Fender tone at an affordable price.

(Don’t forget you’ll need an instrument cable and a guitar amp for any electric guitar!)

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5. Best Overall Value Amp

The Roland Micro Cube is the premium practice amp for kids. Featuring 8 guitar amp models, the JC Clean offers pristine clean guitar tones while the Brit Combo and Classic Stack guitar amp models snarl and roar! 

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6. Best Tuner

Spend less time tuning and more time playing the guitar! It’s extra-large display and durability make the Uber Tuner the perfect choice for kids!

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**Please note it is our duty to recommend real instruments and quality guitars. In our experience, extremely cheap and toylike guitars fail to provide a quality experience with learning the instrument, break quickly, and hold no resale value whatsoever.