Easy Buying Guide for Your Child’s First Guitar

Guitar Sizing Chart for Kids

Electric vs. Acoustic

Nylon string acoustic guitars are an excellent choice for starters. They’re durable, cheap, and easy to play. However, if you signed your child up for rock guitar lessons, chances are they want to rock! In my experience, students quickly make the jump from acoustic to electric guitar in a matter of months. After all, electric guitars howl, growl, and snarl, and kids love them for it!

So why not save the money and get an electric guitar from the beginning? Just remember, an electric guitar requires an amp and an instrument cable.

Top Kids Guitar Gear

Acoustic Guitars Electric Guitar Amps Tuners
Amigo AM-15 Squier Starter Pack, 3/4 Size Roland MICRO CUBE GX  Snark SN-8 Super Tuner
Lucida LK-2, 1/4 Size Squier Electric Guitar, 3/4 Size Danelectro Honeytone Mini Amp KLIQ Clip-On Tuner
Lucida LK-2, ½ Size Ibanez Kids Electric Guitar, 3/4 Size Yamaha THR10    
Lucida LK-2, 3/4 Size Fender Mexican Strat, Full Size    

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