Basic Rhythms: It’s All About that Groove

Posted by Rock Dojo on Sunday, May 7, 2017

Guitar Lessons for Kids

“There is music wherever there is rhythm, as there is life whereever there beats a pulse.” -Igor Stravinsky

Rhythm is the fundamental glue binding music together. Without rhythm, music would be reduced to noise. So if you want to rock on the guitar, you should spend some time each practice session building your rhythmic vocabulary. In this lesson, you’ll combine four basic rhythms with an easy power chord progression designed to help you master basic rhythms.

Before you jump into these basic rhythms, please take a moment to review the three open power chords:

                   E5                   A5                                      D5

Open Power Chords

Now, we’ll make a chord progression from these three chords.

||E5 |D5 |A5 |E5 ||



Basic Rhythms

Whole Notes

Never underestimate the power of a whole note, especially when combined with power chords. Whole notes last for four beats. Whole notes are counted like this: Ta-a-a, Ta-a-a, Ta-a-a, Ta-a-a.

Half Note

Half notes last for two beats. Half notes are counted like this: Ta-Ta, Ta-Ta, Ta-Ta

Quarter Notes

Quarter notes last for one beat. Quarter notes are counted like this: Ta, Ta, Ta, Ta

Eighth Notes

Eighth notes last for half-a-beat. Eighth notes are counted like this: Ti-Ti, Ti-Ti, Ti-Ti.

Life is about rhythm. We vibrate. Our hearts pump blood. We are a rhythm machine. That’s what we are.” -Mickey Hart 

Rhythm Training 

Theta Music Trainer is an awesome resource for online rhythm training. Check out my favorite rhythm training game, Flash Rhythms.

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