3 Practice Tips for a Guitarless and Recovering Guitar Hero

Posted by Rock Dojo on Thursday, May 11, 2017


While most die-hard guitarists have little problem establishing efficient and daily practice routines, they often struggle with “not practicing.” Busy schedules, outside distractions, and repetitive stress injuries can impose a quick halt to their best intentions.

For many musicians, imposed time off from their instrument can cause frustration, anxiety, and depression.

However, the truth is time away from the instrument is a great opportunity to become a better musician. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or nursing a tendinitis, the following “guitarless practices” can keep your brain focused on the guitar and help sustain you on a path of musical greatness.

Time to dig deep.


This is your time to catch up with listening to music. Try exploring some new sounds and listen deeply. Then, transcribe and sing your favorite lines. You can also explore new tools like Theta Ear training, our favorite online ear training program.


Take a day off every week. Intense guitar playing creates countless micro-tensions in the hand, so give your hands a day each week to recover. This will help the quality of your playing and will reduce the risk of serious injuries over time. But if you are injured, then rest some more! Your body will recover faster and better with plenty of rest.


First, form a mental image of your guitar and your fingers, then go through your practice routine with high focus. Research has proven visualization to be as effective as physical practice. Legendary guitarist and composer, Steve Vai, encourages guitar players to visualize their desired guitar playing including style, dynamics and feel. Practicing visualization with intense focus can help you reach your goals faster.

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