Rock Dojo Guitar Game Packs
Features & Benefits

Save Time and Frustration!

Simple concepts like tuning the guitar and memorizing the musical alphabet can be a painstaking and time-consuming process for a kid! That’s why our games are designed to save you and your students time and frustration, so kids can master the basics as soon as possible while having fun in the process!

Improve Student Ownership!!

The Rock Dojo game packs are designed to empower kids to take ownership over their musical education by teaching them the fundamental skills they need to be musically literate and create their own music!

Grow Your Guitar Teaching Studio!!!

Games are a great way to engage your students, so they learn more, improve faster, and recommend your guitar lessons to their friends.

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition!!!!

Games make your guitar lessons fun and inspiring for kids. This creates an essential competitive advantage setting your guitar teaching studio apart from the mainstream.

Rock Dojo Guitar Game Packs

Music Theory
Game Pack

Rock_Dojo_Music Theory_Game Pack

Teach kids the musical concepts they need to create the music they love.

Musical Literacy
Game Pack

Rock_Dojo_Music Literacy_Game Pack

Empowers kids to take ownership over their musical education by learning to read music for the guitar.

Game Pack

Rock_Dojo_Rhythm_Game Pack

Teach kids how to play in the pocket, so they can jam with their friends, play in bands, and create accompaniment parts.