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Thanks joining the Rock Dojo family! You can learn more about the Rock Dojo program by visiting our FAQ’s page. Below are some additional resources we wanted to share with you. Again, thank you for choosing Rock Dojo!

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Private Lessons

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One-on-one private lessons teach the fundamental guitar techniques you’ll need to rock on the guitar!

Private Guitar Lessons


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The Amigo AM15 Nylon String Guitar is the best budget guitar. It’s affordable, durable, and it sounds great for the price!

Amigo Guitar


Rock Dojo Workbook


Begin your journey to the black belt. Along the way, you’ll master the 5 Must-Know Musical Concepts for rock guitar, learn 11-awesome songs, and build a solid musical foundation for life!


  1. Kids will adore playing the guitar with the Rock Dojo belt system.
  2. Parents will love celebrating their kids’ achievements.
  3. Teachers will rock a proven & successful group class model.
  4. Kids will experience the joy of playing music with their friends.
  5. Students will compose their own original rock songs on the guitar.

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